July 19th, 2004

one question before i go to bed...

What do you people think of polygamy? Do you think it promotes free love, a better child-rearing environment, and overall a more efficient society? Or does it just sound like an excuse to sleep around a lot?? (And perhaps, a fear of commitment?)
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Help with movie!

I saw this movie ages, and for the life of me can't figure out what it is called. The two movies I thought were it (Copycat and When a stranger calls back) aren't, and any attempts to google it or search imdb have failed.

All I really remember clearly are a woman being stalked by a killer and/or rapist who is very talented in not only throwing his voice, but changing the pitch as well. He also paints his entire body in order to blend in with his surroundings. I remember two scenes in particular where the main character is in a grocery store, and he's blended in with a display of bottled water, and another where he does the same to her brick wall apartment. Though not very plausible, this movie was actually pretty good from what I remember, and I'd love to be able to rent it again sometime.

Thanks in advance.

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Can someone tell me:

: The origin of the ! mark used in names (like people say, for example, Vampire!Willow, or Cave!Buffy)
: What IIRC stands for? I keep seeing it everywhere!

How superstitious are you?

When a black cat crossed my car's path at 3 am, I've waited for about 25 min. for a car or a pedestrian to pass my car and cross the damn road. I ended up driving in reverse ( it was a one-way street!) for a whole block and heading in the opposite direction!
Did anything similar happen to you? Are there common superstitions in different countries and cultures?
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Izzy and Dutch

New neighbor ettique

I am moving to a house that sits on the end of a cul-de-sac.  It is a very short street with only about 6 houses on either side.  When we move, we will have a large moving van as well as our 2 cars and the cars of those helping us move.  Should I put a note in my new neighbor's mailboxes to let them know that I am going to do this?

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mmm...cowboys // xdark_secretsx

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Which is better?

40 minutes 3 days a week walking on the treadmill, or 20 minutes a day, 5 days a week walking on the treadmill?

I know they say that you should keep your heart rate up for 30 minutes, but once school comes again it'll be easier for me to do 20 minutes a day, and I want to establish some sort of schedule.
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Exactly how many nails?

I have heard the saying that something is the nail that nailed the coffin-lid shut which got me wondering . . .

How many nails are used to nail shut a coffin lid? Of course I realize that this probably changes depending on the size of the coffin but assuming for a moment your average sized coffin for your average sized person . . . how many nails are we talking?

Terrible two...

Happy Birthday, The Question Club!
I'm relatively new here, so here's my two cents...
How would people who's been in the community from the start, rate these two years - on a scale from 0 to 10?
What did you find most helpful, most aggravating?
Do you see yourself here in another 2 years?

(no subject)

Can anyone suggest me a CD with spanish music? I'm afraid I haven't heard much of it, although something in Enrique Iglesias/Shakira style will do nicely. I do not necessarily want a CD of one singer - it would be even better if there were different artists, with their styles slightly varying.

Or just name a few songs - I could use that as well :)

phone interview

I applied to a job via email and just received an email response asking for a phone interview. I'll quote:
After reviewing your resume and your qualifications, I am interested in discussing the position with you further in a phone interview.

Would Wednesday at 4:30pm work for you?

I look forward to your response.
What should I say in my response? How do these things usually work? Should I say I'll be expecting her call or should I ask if I'll be calling her? I've never done it this way before!
Thanks for any help.

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Virus/Worm Question

So my mom has Windows XP and seems to gotten some version of the Sasser worm. Now she can't even get Windows to load before she gets some "lsass.exe" error message and her machine starts rebooting itself over and over. She called Toshiba (her computer's manufacturer) and I guess they told her to go out and purchase new antivirus software, which she did. But this isn't very helpful, since she can't get the computer booted up to install the new software. I tried to get her to start her machine in safe mode to put the generic instructions of deleting File WhoKnows and running shutdown.exe or whatever, but the worm or whatever it is won't even let her do that. It pops up the same error message and sends her back to the Advanced Options screen (the one where you choose to put the machine in safe mode). Now I only know the basics about computers, and my mom knows even less (she asked me what the taskbar is). We're in two different states, too so I can't see exactly what happens. So if any of you could answer: What exact steps should she take to get the computer cleaned up and booting again? or Which company should she call for help: Toshiba, Microsoft, or her new Norton software people? or where should I go to get a helpful answer to these questions?
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(no subject)

1. how do you find out if you have a criminal record? do criminal records include minor things? do you have to pay for them? if so, are there any legit searches that you don't have to pay for?

2. when you get a record, how do they do it? do they just enter your name and address into a database or something and that's it? or is there more?

thank you.

*edit* the police weren't called in or anything, but a form was filled out.

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i jsut got a tattoo two days ago and i got home today and reallized i dont have ne type of fragrance free lotion is there ne thing else i can use i was thginking ky jelly woulkd that work?
Shadist (Wasp)

Job offers

After months of trying to find a job I got one.

My question is this. Why do offers come in a glut? I attemted to get a job for five months, it got to the point where, due to child support issues, I was going to go to jail if I didn't get a job.

I finally take the first one offered.

Since then I have been offered 6 jobs (or at least 4 jobs and two interviews which, most likely, would have lead to job offers).
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I'm looking for a picture...I can't seem to find it on my hard drive or Google, so maybe one of you knows what I'm talking about:

It's a photograph of someone holding a little paper 2D person's hand between their fingers on a table top, and the little drawing looks horrified, and it's trying to "pull away" from the hand holding it. It's really quite a cute idea. Ring any bells?

New York is so cool?

Hi, what's the name of that song that goes something like, "New York is so cool...I got a studio in Brooklyn...I go to art galleries," and it's a guy saying it. It keeps repeating "New York is so cool." Please help me out folks! Thanks in advance! :)

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For all you people that do this, why do you feel the need to correct other people's grammar here on the internet? If the person's writing was completely incoherent I would understand trying to correct it, but honestly, aren't there worse things to complain about?

Just... spread the love, people.
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AHHH! What's that name?!

I'm sure I'll remember this as soon as I hit the post button, but here goes...

About 10 or less years ago, there was a Disney saturday morning cartoon about a leopard character with a really long tail, and a really long ridiculous name. I thought it was Zoboomafoo, but that's something else (it's along those lines tho.)

Not to be confused with Bonkers, which was another cartoon running at the same time.

What was that show called?!?
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