July 16th, 2004

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Jesus and Superman both died and returned back to life. Both underwent profound processess and changes of a sort unknown to meer mortals. I put it to you that they can thusly be considered Zombies. So I put it before you, Zombie Jesus, or Zombie Superman?
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Help me out here.

I may be preordering Silent Hill 4 today so I decided to take a poll... but I'm too lazy to make an actual poll so I'm just asking. *L*

Should I get it on PS2 or Xbox?

I have all the other games on PS2, but we just got an Xbox. Right now it's more convenient to play Xbox (the couch is there instead of a rolling desk chair) but two months after it's released we're going to have all three systems in the same room.

(x-posted all over the place. I must get opinions b/c I can't make up my own mind darnit!)
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I have two options for my partner's birthday:

1. Gig ticket - it's sold out and they're going for more than double face value on ebay. The thought of paying that much freezes my blood but she really loves the band.

2. Limited edition DVD - I can get this for non-inflated prices, and she'll love it but really, it's just a DVD.

Which should I get?

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We feed the wildlife in our backyard, and just now we noticed someone new. It's the most gotgeous color brown with a white tummy. It looks like a cross between a chipmunk and a squirrel. Is that possible?
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OMG....I jsut ate a sandwich and something has been borthering me for awhile now. Has anyone else notice that in Miracle Whip there is little red dots in it? I mean go look right now. What are they? Does anyone know what i'm talking about?
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So tell me..

How are we all enjoying I love the 90's? I know you're watching.

I myself am in love with 1993. Why? Two words:

Power Rangers.

For all these months I thought I loved the 80's, but that decade pales in comparison to the magic of the 90's.
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If I was wishing to make a complaint to the BBC site, or the BBC themselves, regarding the content of the BBC site. I can only seem to find online forms for feedback or a few addresses for other areas which I know nothing about, so no good for what I am after now.
So, does anyone know the snail mail address for BBC, specifically relating to BBCi issues?
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Club Etiquette

So your dancing, having a good ol' time by yourself and someone dances up behind you and dances really close..starts rubbing..etc, you get the picture.. What would be the best way to make them go away? I know one can step aside, shake the head..start screaming. Any cool ways to turn someone down?

Two. Of those of you who dance..how many have you learned via internet? Mention the site as well.

Thank you.

AIM question!

Once you have added a buddy to your AIM list, is there a way to know whether or not they have added you back?
They don't know you've added them until you talk to them right?
Hope that made sense! lol.
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If we are talking about a regular GP how reliable is their information?
I would imagine that with all the information they need to cover there would be areas where they spend less time, and I would imagine they do not always keep up with new research or information.