July 15th, 2004

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I have 2 questions....

1) I don't want to look totally stupid when I move into my dorm. How many suitcases should I bring? Should I just use one big one? Or a bunch of smaller ones?

2) What are those songs that they play on the VH1 commercials? One goes.."I'm gonna be a big star..someday.." and I can't remember how the other one goes but it has the words 'come on' in it a lot. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

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why do i always get emails that say i sent a virus when i didnt even send an email to that person, and i never know who the recipient is...?
im sick of this happeneing, and i dont know whay it does happen in the first place

just out of curiousity...

everyone has and is entitled to their own opinion - that being said, i've been wondering - what exactly is it, according to you, dear readers, that makes or does not make our esteemed president an asshole?
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college vs. university

I really really really don't get it. Why is everyone so inclined to go to university right after high school instead of 1 or 2 years of college first? (By college I mean University Transfer Program). From what I know, college
- is way easier to get into
- is much cheaper (plus you can probably get more scholarships if you have good grades, since the competition is not as fierce)
- has smaller classes
- offers more gradual transition from high school
Oh and aren't college students getting their first choices of classes when transfering to university?

I know that universities are more prestigious to go to, plus the quality of education might be a bit better (although isn't the UT program supposed to be compatible with the equivalent 1-2 years of uni?). But I just dont understand why would someone choose uni just because of that.. I would much rather go to college first, and then tranfer to uni..

I am trying very hard but I cant seem to see the flaws of it.. Am I missing something here??..

**I live in Canada, if that matters; I'm in high school and I'm looking at 86-92% gr.12 average**

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I know only __% of the brain is used (forgot the actual statistic), but does that mean whole parts of the brain are unused? Or are just little bits here and there used in each portion of the brain? How do they qualify bits of the brain as being "used/unused," anyways?
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Who was the first one to sing "You've really got ahold on me"? I'm listening to my The Zombies cd and it's one of the songs on it but I didn't think they were the original singers of it.

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Here is yet another college question. :)

My field of study will be pre-med. That said, it's a given that I'll have to be working my arse off. However, I want to be involved in things and get to know lots of people.

Is it possible for me to get good grades and still have an active social life? I know I will have to be hella-organized, but any advice or experiences?
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Why would my browsers not load certain pages? Well not just why, how do I fix it?

For some reason I can't get to some websites, it doesn't make sense. And I've tried in two different browsers, and I know the actual sites are working.
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Time Capsule


That is a link to a time capsule. Some people in France said they will send a satellite into orbit about 1800km above the Earth with enough memory to hold about 4 pages of text from everyone on Earth. The satellite will act as a time capsule, and will return to Earth in 50,000 years, so that whoever is on Earth at the time can read it.

I will send a message, will you?

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could someone please define "troll"?

in this entry, _balancebeam said "um, i hope your just a troll" in refernece to the poster of said entry. judging by chelseax0x's journal entries and extensive use of internet slang ("noperssssssss", "looooool", "wowzers", et cetera) i gather that a troll is one who uses livejournal, or probably any other messege board-esque website, to generally make a scene.
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