July 14th, 2004

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If you could pick one song to describe yourself, what would it be?

How many CDs do you own?

I'd pick "Monosyllabic Girl" by NOFX, and I own around 60 cds. =)
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Izzy Puppy

Plumbing question

I have basically no knowledge of plumbing.  We are buying a house and in its one bathroom it has only a bathtub.  We want to put in a shower.  I have found some info from google but I would like something very detailed.  We are going to have to take down the drywall and move a closet door.  Can anyone recommend any really good and detailed books on the matter?
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Has anyone here converted from on religion to another? If so, from what to what?
Did anyone else in your family convert or are you the only one? If you're the only one, how did your family react?

I'm considering converting and have started to think about how my family is going to respond.
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Last night there was an amazing electrical storm. There was seriously constant lightning for maybe an hour. And not just flashes, there was definite streaks--and it looked close. Now the weird thing is it was silent--NO THUNDER--not even a slight rumble--how is this possible?
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Birthing process

When a women gives birth, what happens to the umbilical cord after it's cut?
Does the doctor pull it all out from its roots? Or is it shoved back in?
Or is it left there to rot away after it's cut?
Could the woman feel the umbilical cord being cut?
Just how taut is the umbilical cord?
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skate board kimi

heres a weird one

So I had this dream last night that was really odd and Im wondering how or if i should interpret this.

I was at a tattoo parlor and these people were like trying to gross me out by like doing everything that gets on my nerves (double jointed arms, chewing loudly and biting fingernails.) when this guy is like "I bet i could make her straight" So he comes and starts licking my neck but then it wasnt a him any more and it was some girl i think is really cool. then like 10 minutes later of me squirming around and stuff and bieng tickled its a guy again and i have a really cool tribal tattoo across the back of my head.

What does the guy into girl thing mean?
why would i have a tattoo? and why in the back of my head?
Izzy Puppy

Death Row Last Meal

Why do people who are about to be executed get a last meal request and have that meal prepared especially for them?  Some guy in Ohio killed his wife and daughter and stuffed their bodies in the fridge.  He was executed today.  Did he prepare a special meal for them before he murdered them?
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I want to buy a dvd player. But my cousin said it's better to buy a portable one because it comes with a connection wire that you can just plug into your TV, and you can see it on your TV. That seems much easier than buying a stationary DVD player. Is that true?
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squeak, squelch, squeak, squelch, squeak, squelch.

You know when you're walking on tile or lynoleum floor and your shoes squelch and squeak every time you take a step? Is there any practical way to make them stop? I mean besides not wearing any shoes. I have these shoes I just got that are quite comfy and I rather like, but they do that and it drives me crazy!

Or should I just invest in some earplugs?

**edited because I can't spell**

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My friend's brother is in the hospital (actually, I think he got out today) with some accidental self-inflicted burns. First and second degree, mostly, except for his elbows. He was trying to burn some brush a couple of weeks ago and had the gasoline flare up when he tried to light the pile.

I saw an icon today () and I'm thinking about emailing it to this guy.

My question: Would that be in poor taste?

Ok, that was a stupid question, of course it's in poor taste! But would you send it anyway?

A rather dorky question here, but I want to know...

I'm starting college in the fall and I want to ask those who've been there what they've used in terms of school supplies. Like for your classes did you use binders or did just a notebook work? I have no idea what I'm getting into with my classes and I don't know what to buy for my supplies.
Also, does anyone have any other college adivce, like on dorm life, studying, etc? I want to hear any advice you've got!

Thanks all!
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Halloween 2008

(no subject)

I live in Maryland, but my boyfriend's moving to college in Buffalo, NY come fall. I'm trying to decide on a cell phone and wireless provider, but I'd like your opions first. He's probably the only person I'll be calling long distance to, and for hours at a time. He has Sprint, and says there's some kind of promotion that in-network callers can call each other any time and it's free.

1. Who do you use, and why? Costs? Pros/cons?

2. What model phone do you have? Pros/cons?

3. How do you handle long distance, especially if you're only going to be calling one person?

4. Does the Sprint deal exist?

5. My parents also want to get a cell, and would prefer if I would be the add-on line. What's the best provider to do so?

6. Is there any provider you will never use? Why?

Thanks so much!
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