July 13th, 2004


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Hiya, does anyone know what the legal standing is with regard to a foreign national who owns a UK company and where they therefore stand with regard to being able to come and go freely to the UK? Many thanks. xx
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I"m writing a poem about the plagues of egypt , but i can't remember them all! I remember raining frogs, the angel of death, water to blood, death to the cattle, and the locust swarm. What were the other 2? or are there more than 7? im totally blanking , any help would be appreciated

Also, other than the black plague in europe and the plagues in biblical egypt can anyone think of other diseases or what such that have been called plagues in history?
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I thought it was neat.

The Blair Witch 2 dvd was the first dvd to have a full length movie on one side and cd compilation on the other. Did any other dvd's do that afterwards?

And did anyone *really* believe that the original Blair Witch was fact? I caught it after I'd seen Heather on a talk show so I knew it wasn't, but it just seems weird that people would really believe it.
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Have you ever had a strange occurence happen that you could not quite explain?

Last night while chatting with friends online and no one around me I felt like I got punched in the chin. I told my friends what happened and one of them said maybe it was a ghost. Hmmm interesting thot.

While awake today (just a few moments ago) I made a phone call about business and while leaving the message, I either fell asleep for a second or something happened for me to go on a totally different subject.

When I was younger, just a short while after my grandmother died...she gave us a phone. One nite we heard a phone ringing...but it wasn't our regular phone...we walked upstairs and yes it was grandma's phone...one thing tho...it wasn't plugged in. !DOH!
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car problems

is there a "quick fix" to gasoline leaking out of my vehicle?

i'm losing about an eighth of a tank every other day. originally, a mechanic told me i should be able to put "heet" in my tank every other time that i fill it up.

any help would be appreciated, seeing as i don't have the four hundred some odd dollars it would take to get it professionally fixed/replaced.

fahrenheit 911

I've Just been watching this. I never liked Bush, and I already knew a lot of nasty things about how he spent his time on 9/11 etc, so it makes little difference to me. But for others, who liked Bush, I've gotta wonder.

It seems to me that it could have a big impact for the US Elections, etc. But the elections seem pretty even right now (as far as I've heard over here in the UK), and I know Fahrenheit 911 wasn't going to be shown in a lot of US Cinemas initially.

So my questions... how many of you (particularly if you're in the US?) have seen it? And... does anyone who's seen it still like Bush?

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Reading someone else's question on "significant others" made me begin to wonder...how would you, personally, tell someone that you are not interested in their attention/affections, without being cruel?
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screen names

Have you ever been sitting around somewhere, minding your own business, and you think about something that could've been a great LiveJournal/AIM/message board user name? And do you ever feel very tempted to register it somewhere? Or is this just something I do, and it proves that I'm crazy?
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Bad ants!

Does anyone know a good way to get rid of ants (tiny ones) that are coming into our kitchen under our back door? We've cleaned the kitchen pretty thoroughly, but that doesn't seem to discourage them. I don't particularly want to spray Raid or something similar, since it is a kitchen; is there any do-it-yourself-type remedy that might be effective?

They're little ants that stay mainly on the floor, but a few enterprising ones have made it up to the counters, if that matters.
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Wow two questions in one day...thats record for me... anyway...I have my eyebrow pierced and I was trying to get the little ball out of the ring so I could change the ring to a smaller one...well I finally got it out but I can't find my other ring and I can't get the little ball back in...thus my ring migh slide out...any suggestions as to how to get the little ball back in...I hope you all know what I am talking about...thanks so much!

game ideas....

so, as i've mentioned on here before, i work at a camp as a counselor for a group of 4 and 5 year old boys. there are lots of times (waiting for our turn in the changing room, waiting for our lunch to be brought over) where some games that would keep them from going crazy because of their impatience, would come in handy.
i'm tired of playing duck-duck goose, so can anyone give me some more ideas for easy, quick-to learn games that require little/no equipment?
(i was thinking about swami and indian chief; for those who know of them, do you think
4 & 5 yr olds could play those?)

Guy trouble

I am supposed to go see my man up in Indy on saturday til monday morning. Well tonight he called and said that sunday afternoon his mom wants him to come down and see her. So he told me that I have to leave sunday after church cause he is not ready to take me over there yet. I already took off work for this weekend. It made me kind of pissed off cause we had this planned before his mommy called. Do I still go and do I say something to him? I want to go, but it is for a day and a big waste of my gas, which I don't really have the moeny for to go for a short time. What do I do???????
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Downloads query

Im downloading some anime using BitTorrent via animesuki.com

Can I download several files at the same time? At the moment I'm only downloading one but I'm off to bed soon. So can I leave more files to download or will it fuck up the downloading process?
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