July 12th, 2004

Michael Moore

How many of you have seen the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 and what are yours thoguhts or comments about it?

It made me sick and I now dislike Bush and have no respect for him. I'm so pissed off. Michael Moore is a genious and I love him. He has a lot of guts.

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I'm looking for an old friend from high school. I only want an email address for now (it'd be really weird to call this person out-of-the-blue!).

I'm pretty sure he has an AOL account, but it might be MSN or Yahoo. However, I'm nearly positive it's AOL.

So my question is this: where can I search for this information? Does AOL offer an email search for all of their users? If so, where can I find this?

And can you recommend a good overall email search, just in case it turns out he doesn't use his AOL account anymore?

Thanks in advance!
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Everything wrong seems to happen when my parents are away on holiday.

I was looking in the freezer for some lunch and I noticed some boxes were covered in 'dusty' ice. And I checked on the ice cream and it didn't appear to be as frozen as it usually is. Then I checked in the fridge and condensation was inside some of the juice bottles.

Last night when I was making my dinner I did leave the freezer open but only for a minute or so. And I don't see how that could have effected the fridge as well.

Does anyone know if there's anything wrong with my freezer? I go to work in a few hours so I don't know if I should do something before I go to work.
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the D

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I just moved into a old house that needs a lot of fixing up to do and these types of shows have slipped my mind.

What are some other shows similar to trading spaces or Weekend Warriors? Thanks in advance.
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I recently purchased a dress at Ross (and if anyone shops at Ross, you know that its near impossible to find the same thing twice) and I want to get the same thing in a bigger size...I've searched and searched on Google with no luck for the brand name, so I came here for help: Does anyone know the website for "Fire: Los Angeles" clothing, or if it is a subdivision of something else, or have anything useful to say at all?

Thanks :)

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somewhat in response to a previous question... WHY isn't there a law against hedges and things that block your visibility while trying to turn onto a street? it's so fucking dangerous and unnecessary.

are you afraid of the dark?

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Harold and Kumar-"Thank you"

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-My VCR has started refusing tapes. Yes, I am aware that this is the time to upgrade to a DVD player, and I have one. But, many of my favorite movies are still only found on VHS. Anyway, I try to put the tape in and it spits it back out. Is it time for a new VCR? I've had this one for about a year and a half. It is a Panasonic, if this helps.
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So, who else is planning on watching "I love the 90's" at some point this summer? And who isn't planning on it, but will end up getting hooked halfway through a show anyway?
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urban canyon

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I was researching blood types for a previous question and ran across this statement:

"Children have a greater risk of developing transfusion-related HIV than adults"

Does anyone know why? Is it a systemic reason or a medical reason? Any input?
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Blood type incompatability

I know that mixing incompatible blood types is a Bad Thing(tm). But how bad exactly? How much B- blood would it take to cause noticeable problems to my A+ self, how much to cause major problems, and how much to kill me? Does it matter how different the blood types are?(IE would B+ be better than B-, or A- better than B-)

Reason I'm asking is a Stargate SG-1 ep I'm watching now they had blood type incompatability as a hurdle to jump to save themselves from an alien weapon.