July 11th, 2004

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This is kind of urgent-ish

Every now and then my dog gets sore-ness in his hip area, so we usually take him to the vet (it's only happened like twice) and they check him out and then give him "doggy aspirin". I can't take him to the vet right now, ince it's late and I don't have a car to take him (usually he's at my mom's I'm watching him for the week)

Can I give him an aspirin or advil or something? I have children's aspirin, and regular ibuprofen. I'm afraid!! But I can tell he's in pain, and it's killing me.

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    Okay, I'm searching through the classified for a job which I've never done before and the majority of these ads ask you to call them for more information. What are some things that I should have handy in case asked? What're some things they probably will ask me? And, does anyone have any tips/advice? I'm not too big on the phone skills so any help would be appreciated.
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Notty phrases

Okay, does anyone know where the origin for 'eating a girl out' came from? There's an ongoing discussion of how disgusting that phrase is on my friend's journal, and I decided to bring the question here... Anyone?
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so a mate and I were having a normal conversation on MSN, when he popped this

"lets say you clone yourself, and then you become attracted to yourself..and wind up having sex with your clone does that make you gay, or are you just on the forefront of masturbation technology?"

what do you think it is?

*EDIT* i have a feeling, that this is the most stupid question ever asked here.
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.avi woes

I've recently downloaded a ton of .avis, and I'm having problems with playback. The sound is intact, but all I get of the video is a green screen with a tiny black square in the upper left-hand corner. I ran AVICodec on the files, and it showed that I have the needed codecs.

I've attempted to play the files in Windows Media Player, RealOne player, and Musicmatch, each with the same result.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!


OMG........why is Jessica Simpson so stupid? She pisses me off so much. I mean you can tell she does it on purpose for money and stuff. I want to like ram her face into a wall when I watch The Newlyweds. Believe it or not I really do like her, just not when she acts stupid.
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how do you wash wood?
i tried warm water and dish soap, and scrubbed (b/c it was really dirty) and now that it's dry it looks kinda... white... and not right.
so what's the right way?