July 9th, 2004



I just got a link up on my computer telling me I was connecting to a website that cost £1.50 pm. I kept clicking no but the message kept flashing up. Is there anyway to check and see if it has connected before my phonebill comes in? I have broadband if that's any help.
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Awhile ago I posted some questions with pictures. Now I'd really like to get those pictures off of my webspace. How long after posting should I leave pictures up? I don't want a new person to look back at old questions and go "WTF?" when they see my question, but no pictures.
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So I've been learning some Japanese, and am to the point where I'd like to try typing in it a bit and see if I'm making any sense. Question is...how exactly do I do that with a QWERTY keyboard? Should I download fonts, are there keystroke combinations, and so forth? I do already have the language support on my computer.

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Which is the best BitTorrent program to use?

I'm totally clueless about BT, and have had zero luck with it in the past (I was also on a dial-up in the past, which was probably part of the problem), but from everything I've heard, it's the best way to go for file-sharing these days.

Thank you! (you guys are always my first stop for technical information! XD)

For Those familiar with Italian History, Custom, and Current events

Other than the African immigrants, blackouts, and the fraud with that restaurant chain, what are some reoccurring, well-known news stories going on in Italy these days?

What are some major differences between Italian and American culture? what about some subtle ones that a lot of people don't notice?

What about greetings? Do they greet and say goodbye differently?

How are business transactions different between there and the US?

Thanks all!
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Does sunscreen have a use-by date? I have some that is PRETTY old (think years) but it's SPF 30 and it seems to be normal. Any reason not to use it or to run out and buy a new bottle? I can't find anything on the bottle or on the company's website.


This is going to sound a bit strange, but...

Whenever I eat an apple (any kind of apple, it doesn't matter) I start to sneeze a lot a couple of minutes later. I usually sneeze a lot for about 10 more minutes before it goes away.

Uh, why is that? I don't think I'm allergic, but it's a bit weird.
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A member of one of my communities left in a childish blaze of dumb ass after people pulled her up for breaking rules, as well as being ignorant and disrespectful of the religion the community is aimed towards.
This member has since started up her own community in direct competition with my own; the first post was a big slanderous rant about myself and my community, her fellow co-moderators. Others who have been apparently ‘offended’ by my own members pulling them up on their ignorance have been leaving comments for my new members insinuating to them that my community is not tolerant and telling them to go to their own community. The information page for their community is almost word-for-word exactly the same information page of my own community.
Is there anything I can do other than just ignore it, any advice?


have you ever actually walked out on a movie? if so, which one(s)?
(i'm not talking about rentals either, but about walking out of a theatre...)
i haven't. i almost did on that absolutely horrid bruce willis movie of a few years back ('the kid') but i was with my cousins & sister (who enjoyed it) so i couldn't.

Eye tests

I'm not sure where to post this but I need advice. I am currently living in the UK but am a US citizen. I need to renew my driver's license(I thought I had more time but I just noticed I need to do it) before August. I need to have an eye test before I can send back the application. I need to do this quickly or I'll lose my license. The problem I have is I have no money to do this. I keep reading signs in optician windows about free eye tests. Now my question is are they really free or do you have to buy a pair of glasses or something to get it free? How much does a eye test normally cost in the UK? Please help.

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