July 8th, 2004

LJ layout question

I'm hoping someone will understand this question and be able to help.

I'm currently using the generator style on my LJ and I'm wanting to create another box above the current navigation box that I can put an image. Actually, I don't really want another box, just to be able to place an image, like a banner, above my navigation panel. But, I need the code to add to my overrides.

Anyone know how I should got about doing this???
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Hubby and I

I have tried google

and have come up with zilch, I may not be looking in the right direction maybe. anyway here's the question.

In the book The Prisoner of Azkaban when Hermione is confronted by the Bogart what does it turn into?

I have packed away my HP books and cannot easily access them at this time. Thanks for any help you can give.
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Ville Valo

Romantic night?

What is your romantic fantasy? What is something you've wanted your SO or someone to do for you? Even if it is simple as a walk through the park and looking up at the stars.

You don't need to hide it from anyone. It's not explicit.
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Is there a word for somone who is not attracted to either sex, i want to say asexual, but that is just something that doesn't have to have sex to reproduce. This has been bothering me for quite some time now.
tank girl

(no subject)

I have a pair of shoes that are too big. Like a size too big. Too much toe room so they wiggle around.
Anything I can do to uh..make them more snug on my foot?
Besides stuffing socks or something in them?
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(no subject)

Help! I can't remember the name of any of Rainbow Brite's friends! Yes, I know, SUCH an important and vital question in our lives, but I need it for a trivia quiz I'm writing!
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Sweet and sour sauce

Does anyone know how to make GOOD sweet and sour chinese food sauce? I'm talking about the syrupy red shit that is more sweet than sour and is absolutely delicious. Not the red-pepper crap you find in the stores, which is disgusting.

ANd if not, is there some mix I can buy, some place online that sells it pretty damn cheap? I can buy it at a store somewhat local to me for about $3 a quart, but I feel bad going in there and just buying a tub of the stuff and nothing else.


i'd like to get firefox, but am a little curious about how i go out dling it onto someone else's computer without installing it, sticking it onto a cd, and toting over to my pc that has only dialup and installing it there. this seems obvious, but i REALLY don't wanna mess up anyone else's pc.
would my plan work?
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Ville Valo

Money?? What's that.. lol.

ok, so I've been on vaca for a while, and I've spent WAY too much money. Now, when I get back, on saturday, I have 3-4 days off from work, then I have to save up for college extra expenses(i start aug 23).

what is the best way to save money? Have someone hold for me? or hide it where it is a pain in the ass to get too? Putting it in my savings seems to work, but not really, I can still access it. Any tips???

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My So Called Life


What is the best answer to the question "Why did you leave your last job?"

Can you say it was because you wanted more money?

What does your future employer really want to hear?

(no subject)

I've always had problems with my wisdon teeth hurting me alot, and I've been told since I was very young that I would need to get them taken out, but I've never been able to afford it.

Thing is, I think they're actually coming in now. Is that really bad? Since from what i remember they're situated at an angle and should have been surgecially removed?
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(no subject)

Ok so I'm a writer and I'm writing this story and it involves guns. I know nothing about guns. So if anyone knows a good website that gives info on guns I'd be grateful. So far I've only found sites that sell guns and gives no info on it.

The information I'm looking for is can it pack a silencer, how the silencer goes on, what type of gun it is, how to reload, how much inpack the shot gives off. Thanks for your help.
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The Receptionist Classic

(no subject)

We have single bathrooms at work - one for the girls, one for the boys. If the mens room is in use, the guys use our (the ladies) room. And every time I go in after a guy has used it, there are drops on the floor and on the seat.

Why can't guys seem to get it IN the toilet?
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Bitch Slap

(no subject)

What's the big deal with masturbation?
Why do people feel the need to hide it if they do it?
If you do masturbate how young were you when you first started?
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(no subject)

has anyone here ever used those tapes that help you learn a foreign language? not the ones you play while you're asleep, either. ;o) im talking about those "learn Italian on your own" type tapes. if you have used those, did you learn the language? did you use them in conjunction with a class or by themselves?

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