July 6th, 2004

the D

Uh Oh...

So i was stupid and leaned my floor lamp down and didn't realize it was resting on my baseball cap. Now, some of the plastic from the lamp shade melted onto the fabric of my hat. A small chunk about 1" x 1".

How do i get it out? Do i wash it? Do i reheat the plastic and hope it comes off?

Help...PLEASE! It is my fav. ball cap.
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books = good

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I've noticed that at least in the areas I've been in and paid attention (Midwestern/East Coast America), FM startions on the 80-odd bands seems to usually be the public radio stations and odd little independent things, whereas your rock or top 40 or Clear Channel what have you stations are in the higher numbers. Is it like that everywhere? Why is that? Are lower bands cheaper?

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Why do you think there are some lj users out there that just bust into communities specifically to flame/spam the users in that community? Am I missing the point to their tactics??
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i believe this question is allowable cause it falls outside the lj question rule. its not like i can just send them an email about THIS.

how is lj able to finance all its upgrades, advertising, and new employees? most of the users here are free, myself included, and have been even since before the site was made open to everyone. where is all their money coming from?
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this might be a little far fetched but....

does anyone know the name of the song that is in the beginning of untamed heart..its an old movie from about early 90's with christian slater, rosie perez, and melissa tomi...christin slater and melissa tomi fall in love but he ends up having a heart problem...anyways, the song plays right in the beginning of the movie as melissa tomi gets dressed for work and it has a really catchy melody that gets stuck in your hear..i think it starts off like...i was walking..any clue???
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I hate resumes so much!

I need to make a retail resume. I'm kind of stuck on it though, since, it's hard for me to think about the billions of things I've done working in retail, and what exactly was important and should be included in the resume. Anyone who's worked retail knows the sheer amount of responsibilities you have is staggering. I really am not sure what I should put!

Can someone direct me to a good site for info on this, or maybe just give me some advice on how to do it?
urban canyon

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So, when you use a buyer's agent, how is the home-buying process SUPPOSED to work?

Along those lines, for any of you who have purchased a home, about how many places did you look at before you actually bought a place?

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I've been eating a lot salads recently and have been outting vinegar and black pepper on them. What I want to know is this a) healthy and b) do they contain any calories or fat?
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Does anyone know of a program that can tell me if I have any Spyware installed on my computer (preferably one for beginners with detailed instructions on how to find and eliminate the possible threat)...?

EDIT: Nevermind, I just saw that this question was recently asked. Apologies.
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I'm making a resume right now, and I'm having a little debate with myself.

Should I include a job that I got fired from? I was an excellent worker and was only fired because of a stupid loop-hole in their regulations. Alot of my experience is based on this job, but another problem is, the managers I had while I was there no longer work there, although i do still keep in touch with one of them, and I could include his home phone number.

What to do?

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Some people use the argument that if gay marriage was legalized, polygamy could eventually be pushed through, too.

On that note, what are your views on open relationships, threesomes (and moresomes) and the like? Do you see them someday being legalized?

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Does anyone know any links to information/ studies on the psychological implications of being a child with a long-term illness in hospital?
Has anyone been/ knows a child with a long-term illness in hospital?
I’m just interested in...everything... but particularly the friendships that form. Like what happens when someone dies, are dying, or gets well, etc.?
Anything would be appreciated.
Thank you
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Princess vs Badass.

Girls: Would you rather be a "pretty princess" or a "badass bitch"?

Guys: Would you rather have a "pretty princess" or a "badass bitch"?

Note: I'm generalizing here, by "princess" I don't necessarily mean stuck up, and by "bitch" I mean more of a tough girl than an actual bitch. I just thought it sounded better against the princess bit.
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