July 2nd, 2004

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This is a bit far in advance, but figured I'd ask...

When I get my bachelors degree I plan on going into OCS to become an Officer in the US Military. The question is, what branch?

Army is right out... I was in the Army Guard, and didn't like it much.

Marine Corps:
I already know the Corps, having served five years enlisted, and having made it to Corporal I know what it takes to lead Marines. It would also be much more motivating to be worth staying in shape than the others.
More demanding than the others.

Air Force Reserve/National Guard:
As soon as I get some medical stuff dealt with, I'll be enlisting in the Air National Guard. So I'll likely be able to stay at the same unit, if not, I'll at least be used to the deal and all. And it would probably be easier to get into.
I'm not in the Air Guard yet, so I don't know if I will like it that much.

Navy Reserve:
I'll be able to "complete the set" ie I'll have been in some part of all the four major services. I might be able to get out to sea, which I never got to do in the Marines.
Same as Air Force.

Coast Guard:
Same as Navy.
Not DoD, so its not as much as a "complete set" as the Air Force concerns.

So, my question is, what is everyones advice? Points of view of people who have served in the US Military(or even another countries military), especially as a commisioned officer, are very welcome. Points of view of former enlisted who went to the "dark side" are extrememly valued, especially if you've switched service branches in becoming an officer.
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I'm basically a Chuck Palahniuk virgin.. I read one of his stories earlier (Guts)and I'm hooked.. So my question is this:

What book should I read to pop my Palahniuk cherry?

Thank you in advance. =)
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Right on cue, day before interview, I have huge bags under my eyes. Anyone got any tips for getting rid of them?

Take it as a given that I'm not going to get much sleep tonight!

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Maybe someone can help me. I can't remember the name of a comedy show that was either on MTV or Comedy Central. It was skit comedy a lot like The State. The only skits I can remember are 1) the guy that slept on his arms and they sing a song about it, 2) the guy on the airplane with nose hair that won't stop growing, and 3) the poker party (I think) where they start to argue over the lyrics to Blinded By the Light by Manfred Mann's Earth Band.

Does anyone remember the name of it?

Help me figure this out!!

I keep remebering scenes from an old movie I saw when I was a kid. I can't remember who was in it, or what the title was, but I am HOPING someone here will recognize some of this and be able to help me!
The only stuff I can remeber is that there was a young boy, and vomit turned into little monsters, he had an eyeball in the middle of his hand at one point, and it had something to do with this white yogurt like stuff that he flushed down the toliet.
Anyone recognize this?
Ahh! Babies!

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Question #1:
What is the worst advice you have ever gotten?
Mine: Don't use big words in interviews for a teaching job, (like aesthetics). Your interviewer will probably be some local school board member who barely has a high school diploma and they won't understand you if you use technical jargon or big words like aesthetic.
This piece of advice came during my oral final exam (Barriers) after my sample interview from the band director at my college. I honestly could not believe what he said. I just smiled and nodded. What on earth was he thinking?

Question #2:
Words that we, as a culture, pronounce incorrectly:

Comfortable = comfterbull

Can you think of any more?
Why is this? Its very odd.


How do you put up your posters?

I want to put mine up but I don't want to use something that will pull off the paint (I've used packaging tape before but it pulls paint and other tape often doesn't stick well enough) and I don't want to make a hole in the poster.
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Random questions....

I've got a bunch, here it goes:

Is pineapple juice a healthy drink?

What are healthy drinks besides water?

I'll be starting college soon, any ideas on meals that I can make in my dorm room that are junk food? I really do not want to gain the freshman 15. I will also work out and stuff, but I want to eat healthy too.

What is your favorite alcoholic drink?

Favorite Disney movie?

and... what is some advice that someone has told that you wish you could follow, but you don't?

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Yup another one! SORRY!!!

Who signs the song that goes..

"oohh, move your body girl make the fellas moan(?)" and it repeats.."move your body girl makes the boys go oooooo" and "can you feel the beat,can you feel the beat within my heart...." and it's a girl singing with a guy saying stuff in the back. it's got a good beat to it.. but I don't know who sings it..

glasses by "maladroitkat" (c)kurt halsey

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I ordered a Chia-Pet off of eBay, but it didn't come with seeds. What kind of seeds are they? Can I buy the same type without having to order them from somewhere online (such as a local lawn/garden store)? Thanks!

incomplete electronics

My nephew got an MP3 player (RCA LYCRA) but doesn't have the software. How can I get it?

Also, he has a PS2 but with no cables. Is it possible to get only cables? I figured they were usually only available together with the package. (I think his friend stole the PS2 for him and that's why it didn't have cables.)