July 1st, 2004

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Sorry, user thequestionclub does not list you as a friend, and they've set the "friends only" option for who can reply to their journal.

why? i can post but not comment? that doesn't make sense.

so, for now i'm putting some responses here. [no worries, i won't do it again]

*wrinkle cream: go to www.makeupalley.com (best makeup rating site ever)
*job descriptions: occupational outlook handbook... google it
*i heard that it's specifically cold water that speeds up metabolism

and my question: did the term "beating around the bush" come from sex? like foreplay?
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Purple Rain - the film

What was the name of the female music group led by Appolonia that sang "Sex Shooter"? I keep hearing Vanity 6 and/or Appolonia 6 but I thought the name was different in the movie and those were the names of the real life band.

i before e

Can you name a word that doesn't follow the rule:

I before E, except after C or when it sounds like an A as in "neighbor" and "weigh".

I know there are over a dozen of them. Here's one: caffeine.
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What is g-mail? Is it the new Google mail? I thought that was supposed to be free, so why do you need an invite? My friend has been urging people to sign up for it, but she won't tell me why or what it is.
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I'm having a total brain-fart right now and can't come up with Patriotic / 4th of July themed words. I'm making word searches and word puzzles for a family reunion this weekend (naturally, I procrastinated!) and I am stumped for words.

What are some good words I can use? (And please, these are mostly for kids - ages 5 to 10.)
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can anyone help me with a really simple VBScript? I would appreciate it. I have never done these before and until I can get a book and learn how I need some help fumbling through it. All this copy script needs to do is pull server names from a text file but...yeah...well I dont know how to do that with a VB script. or do you know of another community i should post this in? thanks. e-mail me at shadowmaige@hotmail.com

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- So does anyone know a way to be signed onto AIM in two different accounts?

- Why do judges wear the fake white wig things? Do they have a name?

- Re: the longest word, I'm surprised that hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia didn't a mention. A cookie for the first person to identify its meaning! :p
Tank Xing

Two completely unrelated questions

First, is this or is this not just a little bit creepy?

And, since that's not a very good question, here's another one inspired by the 'speak of the devil' post earlier: what's the weirdest or most memorable slang you've heard?

One of the few things I remember from visiting my grandparents in Middle of Nowhere, Missouri when I was young is their moronic, infinitely obnoxious chihuahua yapping his fool head off at one of the barn cats and my grandmother telling the little spaz, "Pickles, that cat's gonna be on yew like uh stink on shit!"

Yes, the dogs name was Pickles. That's another totally unrelated question: What's the weirdest name you've known of for a pet? Once at the vet with one of my beasts, the techs were laughing over some dude who'd just called to make an appointment for his dog named "The Friend". The biology department at one of the colleges I attended had a pet octopus named Sushi.
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I have an old version of MSN Messenger, but asides from the fun of replacing all the adverts with my own, I'm bored of it and sick of its loading links in IE all the time.

What's the best non-Micrsoft IM client?
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last year sometime i was in PacSun and a song came on that I really liked. I can only remember this lyric though: "how long do i have to wait for my love to come along"....this may not actually be the exact lyrics....anyone know the song?

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i wrote a letter to my girlfriend and i want to know if someone could translate it into spanish for me.

her english isn't the best, so it'd be easier for her to understand if it was in spanish.

if someone could help me out you can IM on on AIM at Ign0reTheFashion.
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I accidentally dleted a very important email awhile ago. I've done everything I can think of to try and find it. I've checked the internet history and everything. Is it gone forever or can I do something else?