June 30th, 2004

FAFSA deadline

Does anyone know if FAFSA will extend the amount of time that they'll give for applications? It says midnight of June 30th is the last day, but it takes three business days to get the pin # to begin the form, which means I can't have it done by then. Has anyone submitted after that and still got it processed? How?


I need to find movies where the hero/heroine doesn't win (doesn't get the guy/girl, gets killed at the end, etc).
I appreciate all feedback.
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In your opinion, how many lovers does a person have to have before you would consider them promiscuous? Is this assessment the same for men and women? Does it make a difference if their lovers were male or female? Does age make a difference?

How many lovers would someone of your preferred gender(s) have to have before you would consider that person too promiscuous to date?
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The Receptionist Classic

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Have you ever heard of a smell causing heartburn?

My neighbor used to cook a lot of Indian food with tons of curry. It seemed that the very scent of it would send my heartburn into overdrive. This morning at work, someone tossed out some leftovers of something with curry. Sure enough, it happened again. (This hasn't happened with any other scents that I can recall, just curry.)
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This may seem like a childish question, but I've always wanted to know: Why is the sky blue?

I've heard it has to do with the sun reflecting light particles in the ocean or something, but have never been given a thorough answer.


Do you think it's right for a guy to ask a girl he's known for 3 years randomly how much she weighs and when shes says it's none of his business he threatens to never talk to her again?
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There was a song I heard a couple years ago and loved, and I haven't heard it since . .

I remember it being kinda "punky" and I swear it had something to do with labor unions.

The only line I can remember (and I don't think I have it exactly right since I can't find it by googling) goes something like

"Our minds are in the gutter, but our dreams are in the stars"

Any ideas?

EDIT: what reminded me of this song was the song "Sorrow" by Bad Religion--so I think it has a "sound" something like that