June 29th, 2004

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is there a website one could go to, when looking for all those random tourist attractions in the states....like the largest frying pan in the US...or the weirdest festivals...that kind of thing?

too many freakin pictures >_

i've got a bit of a problem. i have a lot of pictures taken with my digital camera on my sister's computer here in singapore. i need to upload all of em to a website and delete them off her computer before i go back to the U.S. tomorrow. for the past week or so this has been a pain in the ass since i'm not paying for a server and thus i'm having to create multiple accounts due to limited space and spend a lot of time trying to upload all this shit. does anyone know of a decent 'free' server that gives you a lot of space and makes uploading an easy task other than www.sphosting.com?
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I want to clean my house from top to bottom soon. I have some time off so I have several days to do it. If I want to clean my walls, what kind of cleaner can I use that won't strip the paint? Any other cleaning tools or chemicals I should have?

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I just signed up for Gmail the other day and right after I set it up, my homepage (this is in IE), became this "about:blank" URL which is a faux search engine that really leads you to advertising. Whenever I try to change my homepage back to what it was before, it goes back to this "about:blank" thing. It's not even a real website! Can anyone help me fix this? Did Gmail do it? Thanks ahead of time.

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i'm second-guessing my job acceptance. i mean, i've got to go where the money is, right? on that note, can anyone give me some advice on how to break it to my "employer" that i actually don't want his job?

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This guy told me that after Martin Luther King Jr read his "I have a Dream" speech, Lynard Skynard played "Sweet Home Alabama". The message of which supposedly being "if you don't like it, too bad."

Now, I don't believe anything this guy says, but I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out Skynard was racist (or even that blatantly tasteless). Did this really happen?
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following through on an idle dream

Are there any huge Buffy fans in this community besides me? If so, would you want to buy a t-shirt that looks like this?


Here's one with a 'B' on front that I'm also considering:


I'm just wondering if people like them enough to buy them- replying yes certainly doesn't commit you to anything. I would probably order 20-30 for $12-14 each in different sizes and sell them on Ebay. What do you think?
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Shadist (Wasp)

The Nature of a man/woman at work.

How do you think your personality/nature helps or hurts you at your job.

Or, if you prefer it this way. . .

What parts of who you are help or hinder you in your day-to-day life?

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Just wondering what other people think of their strengths/weaknesses.
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A Question.

Does anyone know where I could get some good screencaps of the movie Troy? Particularly naked (or as close to naked as I can get) Brad Pitt. I've tried the basic search engines, but 'Images' search doesn't get anthing, and a word search just gets stupid Orlando Bloom fansites.