June 28th, 2004

Ville Valo


My sister's cat is in heat...and my sister doesn't have the money to go get her fixed and she doesn't want to let her out and find a male cat herself(she is an inside cat). Is there anything that I can do to get her to calm down and stop rubbing her junk on EVERYTHING!, it's really gross. She is also meowing/whining like crazy, and it's annoying. She is keeping me up all night.

Any remedies?

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Every single day for as long as I can remember, I get a really bad feeling in my stomach about 20-45 minutes after I wake up. It's a combination of nausea and feeling like I have really intense diahhrea- but I never throw up or anything! After about five minutes of the sickening feeling, I'm fine again.

Doesn't matter what I eat or drink the night before, and I don't take any medicine.

Is this normal? What might be wrong with me?

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what should i do in thailand?
seen the long-necked burmese women
rode an elephant
toured some temples/the grand palace
been to a brothel and floating market
er... i'm like, what else is there?
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[insert angry sound here]

My taskbar has just gone insane. Instead of being on the bottom of the screen at all times, it has fled to the left side of my screen, making me question my decision to clean my mouse with a moist towelette.

Help? How do I fix this? Besides psychotically knifing the monitor, that is.
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kind of long-winded and weird.

I've been keeping a journal since I was nine, and I've occasionally thought about trying to get parts of my later journals published. The thing is, I mention lots of people by name. So, here's the question: if I published parts of the journal, would I have to attempt to contact these people and ask for permission to use their names? If so, and they declined, could I come up with aliases for them, or just use first names or initals when identifying them within the context?
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format problems!

I recently formatted a computer!
put xp pro on it!
but when it starts up it comes to this weird screen saying telling me to choose safe mode or start windows normally and it begins counting down from 30

but, sometimes it freezes half way or when it reaches 0 ?
i tried everything, from disabling S.M.A.R.T. from the bios to checking for any of that virus scanning crap on the mother board!

should i just format and install again??

thanks in advance :D
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I have to write and record a piece of performance poetry.
Does anyone know of any free sound recording software (a couple of options could be good, nothing fancy) that I can download?
Or does it even exist? If not, what do you think would be the cheapest possible way of editing/ recording )?

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What’s in your attic?
The bad thing about moving into a downstairs flat is that I cannot explore what’s in the attic of this old house, I always used to have dreams and fantasies about finding hidden rooms and lost treasures in attic’s.