June 27th, 2004

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So I know it's REALLY early, but I like to start buying now so I don't have to spend so much money all at once. What do you get the wealthy grandparents that already have everything? The last thing they need is another knick-knack sitting on a shelf somewhere. Thanks for any help I get.

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sorry, haven't had any questions for a while...
but, i'm going to make up for it today.

1.) how do you heal a broken heart? the situation Collapse )

2.) how do you help a friend that is obviously getting in over his/her head with drugs (not just using but more than that)

3.) and, uhm, an easy one. what's your favorite food and why?

thank you, and have a nice night :-)

Web space + Domain registry!

hi there! :D

I want to get a domain name registered :)

and i need some space space to go with it...about 1 to 5 gb max
and a fast server...or moderately fast server...

how much should i pay for something like that? :)

any idea's or links? :D

thanks in advance!!
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I'm probably silly for not knowing this, but...

I live in West Virginia for part of the year. My cellphone service is set up there and I rock the 304 area code.
For the summer I'm in Colorado, though.. So my question is:

For people calling me, would the number just stay the same out here?

I'm probably crazy for not knowing this, but in general I tend to avoid phones.

Thanks in advance. =)
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summer employment

okay here's my question...I live in Newfoundland and I'm work at a swimming pool that used to be operated by a national park. In recent years it was taken over by a Co-op and that's who we work for now. So anyway...the Park might be going on strike here and we've been told that if they do we all get laid off...we're all student workers so I was wondering is there some sort of law or rule that protects summer employees from being laid off?? Yeah that was long and rambly but i wanted to make sure I gave enough information.
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I'm selling some things on Ebay, and I notice on my "My Ebay" page, for the items I'm selling, there's a column for "# of watchers". What does this mean? Does this just mean the number of people who have viewed the page?

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What is the best way of growing out died hair?
I currently have it black, but my natural colour is chestnut, it looks horrid growing out, the only thing I can think of to combat the problem is to use semi-permanent stuff to hide the roots, does anyone have a better idea?

How do you protect your face against the sun, are you supposed to use suntan lotion alone or are you supposed to use suntan lotion and moisturiser?
Without moisturiser I get flaky skin on my nose, will suntan lotion alone be enough to protect my skin and moisturise?
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A question of cleaning

Ok I got a gift a number of years ago, for years it was nice and clean and happy.

That time is now gone.

It’s a rather nice leather rug. It’s made of strips of leather in a loose weave.

Anyone have any suggestions as to how to rather thoroughly clean such an item?

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I absolutley ADORE movie theater popcorn. However I have no one in the area to go to the movies with. Does anyone have suggestions for how to get that real movie theater taste at home? Certain brands or methods? I've gotten a couple microwave popcorn "movie theater style" bags and they never live up to their name.

Any suggestions?

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<a href="www.visitorville.com">Anyone use this?</a>

It sounds like a fantastic tool! Web traffic displayed as a little city!  How adorable!!!

(Don't worry, I don't work for this company. I just found it on a news site.)

I want a big website! ;_;

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How is it that my dog can tell the difference between the sound of me wandering through the house at two a.m. and the sound of a burglar wandering through the house at two a.m.?
Though, we never been robbed, so perhaps she would just lie there no matter what.
Why do some sounds bother her but others she ignores? For example: she barks and runs to the window if she hears someone in the yard, but when there's scratching in the attic (might be mice, but sounds too big) she seems to not care?

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I'm a 17/m and I have a problem with motivating myself to change. I intend to do things, get a job, get a tan, get my (minor) acne cleared up, build some muscle, but every time I try to do something I lose motivation and just stop trying. Lately I've met someone online, and I'm getting back to trying to change things, but I worry about not being able to change myself out of this scrawny, lazy, hermetical lifestyle I'm trapped in. Whats the best way to get myself up and going on things without going into despair a few days later and giving up...at least I haven't given up on her, that seems to be a bright path to walk but other things must change before I can really be with her (Like getting a job to pay for moving across the country once I turn 18 XD).
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