June 26th, 2004


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‘65% of 50 women tested said this product gave them firmer skin’
You read the small print on adverts for cosmetics their test samples are far too small and just do not add up at all. What the fuck is with cosmetics adverts?
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This may sound stupid, but my sister and I were watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacare last night, and we were wondering, is it based on a real story??
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Mail question

I am looking for an industrial placement and one of the companies I called send me this application form that is already folded through mail.

After I fill up the application form, can I get away by mailing it back folded or do I really have to return it unfolded in a big envelope?

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How exactly does the timing work on a grenade? Obviously you pull the pin out and then several seconds after you let go of the handle it explodes... But what exactly causes it to wait that few seconds? Is it just the amount of time it takes for the chemical reaction or is there something that sparks after that amount of time?

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Girls who wear skirts often:

Do you shave your legs every day? Or do you not care if they're slightly prickly? How do you shave every day without ripping your skin up? Depilatories? Electrolosis? I need to know your secret.