June 25th, 2004

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Sorry for the typo in the last entry. It should have read "best," THEN WORST, then weirdest.

And yes, I know the question was slightly juvinile, but I was in the middle of watching Love Actually.

Speaking of the movie, is there anyone who could map out all the couples, and how they are related to one another? I thought I had pretty much figured out everyone's relationship to each other, but in the last scene in the airport, I realized how much I must have missed. 

P.S. I already checked IMDb, and it was no help...

Thanks again for any answers!


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I go to a special arts high school, where I major in drama. Now, this programme is one of the best things my life has ever come accross, and every single person in this family has become an extremely important person in my life. We are not a school programme, we are friends and we are family and we will never fall apart.

Now, the prinicipl of our school is not very fond of the programme, and as of yesterday, our grade 11 teacher has been replaced with the regular drama teacher because as the administration says "they would like to put some change into the programme". Now, the students are furious. This women is one of the most incredible souls you can ever meet. She is loving and kind and sweet and brilliant and just an outstanding human being, an now, we are at risk of losing her.

Students everywhere are extremly furious and have begun to write letters to the staff and whatnot; however, I think there is something else we can do. Does anyone have an good ideas, or past experiances with a similar tragedy? What can we do? How? Please, anything you could tell us would be greatly appreciated.

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So, anyone know when GMail's gonna be readily available?

Also - can anyone direct me to some good sites in regards to the following topics?

*Anti-Vietnam War protests in America and Australia
*The Kent State University shootings

Thanks a bunch :)

credit cards...

I'm 18 & going off to college this fall, so my parents and I thought it was a good time for me to get a credit card, so I can start building good credit. I've read a lot of articles about the smart ways to use your card, how not to get into debt, etc etc, and I know that I will definitely only use this card for emergency purposes.
What I need to know now is what card I should get. I've tried googling it, but I can't really find a comparison list for cards for people just starting out. Does anyone have any opinions on / personal experience with the subject? Any ideas on the subject at all?
Thanks for any & all help!


What is the most amount of money you spent on a concert ticket and who was it for?

What concerts are you planning on going to this year?

Or are you one of those people who've never been to a concert before?
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So, anyone else been watching Jeopardy recently? What do you think about this guy who's won 17 games in a row and over $500,000? I think its amazing, but my mom suspects foul play. I don't see why he couldn't just be an encyclopedia with fast reflexes, but I'm curious to know what other people think.
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What's the appropriate response to someone saying, "You made my day"?

I've been getting that a lot lately, and I'm never sure what to say.

It could be "you're welcome," since they're basically saying thank you, but I could also take it as a compliment and thank them.

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For you Mathematics people. :)

Suppose you have two numbers: x and y

x < y

Now, suppose x and y are two random numbers. Will x eventually be half of y if you had a certain amount to each side? And will it only happen once? Does this apply to any two numbers?

For example:

x = 10

y = 25

You add 5 to both sides. so now that x = 15 and y = 30 and now x = 1/2y

And if you add a certain amount of number to each side again, will x ever be half of y again?

Is there a proof for this?

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