June 24th, 2004

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I know there are some websites out there that if you give them your address, you can see a picture of your house. Know what I mean? Have a link to one of them?
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Does anyone know how to get Gmail to work on a computer with IE 5.1? It's my work computer, and upgrading isn't an option. Gmail says I need to enable ActiveX and I can't find that in preferences at all.

I hate web sites that only work if you have the newest system.
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I had a blood test to find out my 'cholesterol level number'.
They said it was OK.
It's 4.3.
IS it OK?
Or should I look at trying to lower it?

Thanx in advance for any advice! :)
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Here Kitty!

Be specific, please

What song would you recommend to put on a CD of music to workout to? Any type of music is good for me (I like all kinds). I need some motivation.

(Yes, I know this question has been asked before, and I apologize)
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my creation on that web site


I'd like to create a database and am not sure exactly how to go about it. What kind of programs do you recommend? I believe there's something in the Microsoft Office but I'm not sure where. Any other suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
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Okay, is it England or the United Kingdom? Offically, I mean. Because today, I processed two orders to ship over there - one to the UK and one to England. I thought it was all the same, but now I'm growing confused.

Also, is it just me or is LJ being a royal pain in the butt today? This is the first time in hours that I've been able to load any LJ page at all.
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From an LJ friend of mine who sent me this email. I don't know if I can help him, but maybe some of you can

I don't know if you can help me on this one, but here goes...

I just bought a new computer, a "Global PC", which is fine in most ways.
on Live Journal, I cannot view My Friends entries. I can see their names,
and the fact that they posted on certain dates, but not what they wrote.

Anyway, if you have no clue, do you happen to know how I can get in touch with
them (Live Journal)? Like a Real Person?
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where are good places in/around chicago to take art classes?
i know theres columbia and school of the art institute... but ive graduated to i need an adult education-type course i think, or can i take a course at the aforementioned schools???

thanks a bunch!

music and HERBS.

Random question!!

If you're listening to music!
what song are you listening to?

im listening to The Presidents Of the United States Of America - Kick Out The Jams

also, which natural herbs improve your memory / mental alertness? i heard about ginkoba (sp?) is it any good :D
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Since I’ve never actually witnessed it, what happens to someone when they get punched in the face? Do they only get a black eye if it’s near their face or their nose? Do people really lose teeth, or is that just in movies?

Secondly, what would happen if *I* punched someone in the face? (I’m only asking this for my own amusement, mind; I’m not going to do it ;-) .) I’m a small woman, but I’m also a black belt who’s two years out of practice. :-)
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I'm only 18, and I take Calcium pills... no real reasons, just thought it'd be a good idea. Some of my friends though, think that I'm wasting my time and only need to take it when I get older. Should I continue? I'm female btw.