June 23rd, 2004

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So, I'm planning on going back to school this year for the first time in more years than I'd like to claim. I have to take a foreign language. However, English is my only language and I think I might have difficulty with remembering words and phrases and genders of another language. I was the type who'd ace tests without studying in almost all classes... but do terrible if it was something where I had to memorize names, dates, or label a blank map or label blank anatomy of something.
I took Spanish in high school, but I think the only reason I did so well was that each year there was a different teacher & the year I took it, it was taught by a substitute teacher (we called him Peaches... in class) who read out of the book. I don't really remember anything, nor remember learning anything. All the tests were open book/dictionary.

I know Spanish seems like the "practical" choice and French seems really complex. German actually interests me... but I don't know when it'd ever actually come in handy. I don't know yet what languages are taught at the school. I'm only going to this school to take a language... any language so I'll have enough credits to enroll in a proper university.

So, question:
What non-english language(s) did/do you study?
And, any thoughts that might help me in deciding which I might do best in... Spanish, French, German, or any other language you were taught in a class room.
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Has anyone used the new Aqua Fresh toothpaste that's in a silver tube and says GLEAM EXTREME on the side? It's orange and white and makes your mouth tingle. If you did, what did you think of it?

Have you ever rode in an ambulance to be rushed to the hospital?

[EDIT] It actually says "Extreme Clean".
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For this Saturday, I was invited to my boyfriend's grandparents' 53rd wedding anniversary dinner. I've met them on several different occasions (ate dinner with them and his family at their home last night), but I think I still need to impress them. So I'm not sure what to wear. We're going to a very ritzy resturant, and when I asked what I should wear, his mother simply said "church clothes." Does she mean dressy casual (nice top and pants), a dark colored dress, or what? If you have any specific ideas, and could point me to a website with some clothes ideas, that would be awesome.

Thanks so much.
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Disney Question

Have any of you ever participated in the Disney College Internship Program?

I know that you recieve discounts on hotels and park passes and things like that. Do the park passes apply to all the Disney Theme parks or just the one that you worked in?

Have you ever been to Disney [World or Land]? How old were you and how many times have you gone?

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my creation on that web site

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I have a couple of questions for the members of this community:

1. Should we add more stuff to the memories? It seems that at times the same question keeps getting asked.

2. On a related note should we include communities that we contantly refer members to like vaginapagina , etc. on the user info page?

I hope that this is appropriate. I know that the mods make the decision. I'd be interested in helping out.

And as a random question

3. How many communities do you belong to?

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What is the worst excuse that a person/or yourself has/have used on you to cancel a date?

Can you beat the ever popular:
'My mother's cat died and I have to go help her out with the paperwork at the vet's office.'

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If someone where to ingest marijuana (like in brownie-form) vs. smoking it, would it take the same amount of time to clear out of your system? As in, I know it takes about 30 days to get out of your system when you smoke it... but does it take 30 days to get out of your system if you EAT it?
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Question, of course.

I want to send a letter.

Um, yeah. This is the problem: the current full name I go by isn't officially my legal name (or at least, not yet). Does it matter what name you put on the envelope? Say, if my address was legit but if my name wasn't officially legit, would it still send/would I still be able to receive letters? I really would prefer if I didn't have to use my legal name.
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JAM <3

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I'm having trouble picking a color for the car I'm about to buy.. It's basically between blue ("eternal blue pearl") and black, possibly grey ("magnesium metallic"). & The car is a 2004 Honda Civic LX. You can check it out + the colors here.

I'm worried the blue might be too flashy and I'll be more likely to get pulled over, but I'm also worried that the black will be too hard to keep clean. What are your personal experiences with cars these colors.. and which do you think looks best? Thanks in advance for your opinions!
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last night there was A SLUG in the kitchen. it really confused me. we have had roaches and spiders and geckos and even a raccoon in the attic once, but a slug? i have never seen a slug in the house before...

so my question is, what's the strangest creature you've ever found in your house?

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So i've been trying to remember the title of this 80's movie i used to watch as a kid, but i cant seem to. It was about this kid ( i think it was the same kid who was in e.t.) and he wanted to find out the mystery about this pond; supposeively there was a monster of some sort living in it. At the end of the movie they drain the water out of the pond and it turns out to be some giant metal crane or something...

does anybody have any idea what movie i'm talking about?
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When I was in grade school, there was a popular children's book writer who was local to Washington, who wrote about mountains. I remember the mountains had faces, and I think that they had conversations. This was about 15 years ago.....and I have forgotten the name of the books/author and I desperatly want to find these books to read to my son. Can anyone help me?
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