June 21st, 2004

i like "chasing amy!"

has there ever been a movie that has changed the way you think??? and why?

for me, it's "high fidelity"
there is so much I can relate to. always wondering what happend to 'that' ex, keeping options open etc. stupid little things like that.
that I should just get over.
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balance, yin yang

Cheap international airfare??

I have a friend whose boyfriend's father just had a stroke in Spain, and the prognosis is pretty grim - about a 20% chance of survival. She wants to be there for her bf, but airfare, especially without 21-day advanced purchase, is over $1500.

Are there any sites that people know about that have amazing prices on last minute airfares? I know there must be, because it is beneficial for them to sell a seat cheaply rather than let it go empty, but I have no idea where to find this information. Also, do you know of any policies that allow for reasonable prices based on emergency circumstances like this?

Health Question

I just recently started taking the contraceptive pill. Now I am aware in some women it causes DVT. Last night in bed my legs felt 'heavy' and a little painful. They are still like this today but not to the extent where I cannot move. Should I get in touch with my doctor or just put it down to being a hypocrodric?
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Weight of Fruit

Being as I have none of the fruit in the house at the moment, nor a scale, nor a grocery store with said scales nearby (small country towns GRR, can't wait to be home in the city tomorrow), maybe someone can help me out.

How much does an average lemon weigh? How about the average apple? Grapefruit? Any other random fruit or vegetable you feel like weighing?

Doesn't matter what the units on the scale you're using are, as long as you tell me what units (ie, pounds, kilograms, etc.) you're using so I can convert them to what I use.
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(no subject)

So, I have a Gmail account, but how do I send invites? Do only special people get invites?

Edit: To clarify, where do I find the invites to send? I have no clue where they would be in the Gmail interface.
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(no subject)

Does anyone else have McAfee Security Center? Does it interfere with any sites you frequent, and, if so, how can you remedy that?

I ask because since we've installed it on my PC, I've been having problems with updating and commenting on Xanga, which has a "rich text" feature, and with Yahoo Mail, which also has the "rich text" feature. I can't compose, send, or delete any of my mail, and I don't know if anyone else with Yahoo Mail OR with having McAfee. I know I asked before, but it's really getting on my nerves...
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Does anyone here think that Jack is way over worked? I mean..he goes up the hill with Jill, he jumps over candlesticks, he climbs beanstalks, and he pulls out plums out of pies. I hope he gets paid over time. Does anyone know and doesn't he do a few other things?
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(no subject)

I'm a vegetarian, and have been for a while. Recently though, I've had a lot of trouble remembering things, such as plans I have with my friends, phone numbers, obligations, my work schedule...

Does anyone know what, if any, vitamins or nutrients I could be lacking that would account for my lack of short term memory?

going to college overseas...

i just graduated from high school, and one of my friends, who also graduated, has one of those "i need to get out of here" itches. she's really not happy with the college she's going to in the fall, and so is trying to find out about universities in europe, preferably, london. could anyone here point me in the direction of a website (or even an LJ community) where I can find out about the requirements for an American student to go to an English uni.? (even
a London community college, or similar)?
(and she's not talking about study abroad, she wants the whole deal)
Halloween 2008


I spent an hour or so in a hot tub last night, and forgot to take any jewelry off. So now all my silver jewelry has a dull grey tarnish to it, and I'm pissed. Especially since my necklace was from my boyfriend, and it's ugly now.

Is there any way to get the tarnish off? Any home remedies? Thanks in advance.
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(no subject)

is anyone here a Soprano's fan? Cuz I just watched"Isabella," the second to last episode of season 1, and I'm very confused.

So she didn't exisit, but did he ever actually go out to lunch? Was he asleep during all those times he talked to her, or was he in some coma-type-thing from being shot at?

Does this even make sense to anyone??

thanks in advance, and hopefully I made some sense/