June 20th, 2004

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this is a weird question, but i'm gonna ask anyway. when i eat a rita's (some of you will know what this is) or a slurpee or something of that constistency, i always cough. does this happen to anyone else? any idea why??

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I'm pretty tall, about 6'5.

It's a really shitty deal.

When you go out, say clubbing, do you have problems dancing with other people? How do you compensate. My major barrier is the height. Any suggestions for me? I mean, I can dance alright (or at least i'd like to think so) but being so much taller than my partner makes it hard, especially with my bad knees.

So, any thoughts? Or, any amusing stories or similar situations that might be relevant?

This just doesn't make sense...

I recently quit smoking... in truth I never smoked very regularly, maybe 3-5 cigs a day, more on the weekends or when out socializing and such. I began to notice this habit putting a serious damper on my singing voice, and of course on top of all the other good reasons to quit, I quit. Cold turkey... honestly wasn't that difficult, I don't really have any cravings or whatnot. I guess I'm just a lucky one.

Here's my question... is there a reason that my whole respiratory system has been fighting me ever since? I would think that kicking the habit would improve my breathing, etc., but all it's been ever since is coughing, raspiness and no improvement in my vocalization. (*growls*)... I don't know if this is some kind of withdrawal/body adjustment thing, or maybe just some odd coincidence that I'd develope allergies around the same time I'd quit (I do have an appt. with an allergist, but not until Sept.!!! UGH!).

Any of you born-again nonsmokers have any similar experiences, or anyone at all have any thoughts?

Many thanks. :)

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Is there anywhere other than the Bear factory for clothes for my Bear factory soft toy?
I have a rabbit from the Bear factory and I want black pants, jumper and trenchcoat, anyone know where I can get them from please?
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Free webhosting with minimal ads, anyone?

I went back quite a ways in the community and could only find one question asked about the best FREE webhosting site. It only got one response, that being geocities. My question is a little more specific.
What is the best free webhosting site that doesn't have any pop ups and perhaps no banner ads while we're at it.. if that's possible. I know that FreeWebs used to have no bannerads, but I opened up my my free website and they had put up a nasty banner ad at the top.
If all you're going to do is tell me I shouldn't complain because I'm getting the site for free, save it. Or, if you must, take it to your own personal website and make drama there, that's what it's for ;).
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