June 19th, 2004

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What is your favourite board game ? :)

and another question!

What's your favorite card game?

mine is 'japanese basra'...it's egyptian though, what the hell??? but it's called 'japanese basra' for some reason?
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Whenever they mention Al Qaida in the news and such they say things like "Threats were on an al Qaida web site" or "on a web site the terrorist group frequently makes announcements" and such.

So what are the friggin web-sites? They never seem to mention the address. Has anyone ever actually seen one of these claims on a web-site frequented by terrorists or does everyone just automatically believe what's read in the paper coming from some reporter who has never seen it either?
The only one I've ever been able to find is ajeeb but very little of that is ever firsthand information.

And assuming this is all well and true since nobody ever seems to say much on how this was done, why can't they track the post and get GPS quardinates of where it was coming from considering I can do that from my house? Assuming they use a wireless transmitter to avoid this then they could pick up that signal and track it especially since the countries we claim the terrorists are in don't have a whole lot of sattelite signals going up from them...

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Last year for my 21st, I got professioanl photos taken (those glamour ones)

They were really expensive... and I still have most of them here (no one to give them too)
what should i do with them?

I was thinking of putting them in frames in my room/lounge .. but would that look really stupid? photos of myself in my own room?

My icon is one of them... would u think it was wierd if u walked into someones room n they had the photos of themself round?
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What was the movie with Flea and Anothony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers?
I think it started with a "C", but I can't really remember.
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Why is 'answer' spelled with a W? Is there a website somewhere that'll answer similar questions about the English language?
Where did the name 'pig latin' come from? (It's not very piggy and it's not very Latin either...) Who came up with it/why did it start?
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what does it mean when the lights on on the top of a taxi?

i heard about this thing where in older days, girls would use fans in a sorta sign language thing to guys...is this true? does anyone know what it's called and where i can get more info about it?\

what did you do last night?
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Has anyone else not been able to make new "memorable" posts?

I tried this morning and it's not working at all. I can delete old ones, but when I try to add new ones it says "Sure, you've just added a memorable post - congrats" and then it doesn't show up. It doesn't matter if I use old keywords, add new keywords, use both, or change the entry title. It's just broken.
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How time flies...

Tomorrow is my 6th wedding anniversary, and August 1st is our 12-years-together anniversary. (Don't congratulate me, if you were so-inclined; *he* deserves all the congratulations for putting up with me so long!)

So my question -- worded to be applicable to current singletons as well: how long has your longest relationship been? Your shortest? Are you friends with any of your exes? Do you utterly despise any of them?

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Last time I applied for a cashier job, I was asked "Why would you like to become a cashier?" I responded with something really stupid (don't even remember what), and I never got called back. What's a good thing to say in response to that question?

I made $6.25/h at my previous job, so I'd obviously like to make that or more at my next job. If I indicate this on my application, and the company had intended a smaller wage, will that cause me to not be considered for the position?
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I want to make an animated icon out of a particular part of a DVD that I own. I tried taking screenshots of the part while it was playing on my computer (a Mac), but it wouldn't let me. How do people who make animated icons from movies do it?

Thank you. :)
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i like my best friend. help?

ok, i have this best friend that i've known for three years. we actually met online, facethejury.com. anyways, we talked on the phone all the time, then we finally met. before we met it was like an attraction thing, basically, we both liked eachother, but then i don't really know what happened, and it just turned into a friendship. months would go by without us talking, but whenever we did it was like we just talked to eachother yesterday. our friendship is so special. the way we click is incredible and i feel like he is the perfect person for me. i have liked him ever since i've met him, but i've never brought it up or disclosed my feelings what-so-ever. when we do talk, we always have "some one" and usually he never likes the girls he goes out with that much because he always dumps then, and complains about them. not complaining like oh man shes so annoying i hate her its like complaining kinda like i never hear him say he really likes her soooo much. its more of the he only has bad things to say about her thing. the number one thing to him is looks. that is very important to him. and thats the reason why i think he hasn't really stuck with any of his gfs because how can u truly like someone just because of their outside appearance? me and him never have a dull moment. we always make eachother laugh and smile and we always talk about everything. it's so easy to say "well just tell him how you feel" but its like... if i do it will change EVERYTHING, and im so scared of that. because either yeah he'll say he likes me too, or it will be totally weird and we wont be as close maybe... i just really don't know. i am scared that if i keep waiting around that he will find someone he really truly likes and i will miss the opportunity. i know i should tell him, and i want to, but i feel like the timing isn't right. he is single, and so am i, and he gets sooo many girls, and he could be one of those player guys, but he isn't like that at all. hes like the perfect guy for me. im just scared......... so my question is what do you guys think? i mean, i know i should tell him but how do you think i should? what do you think i should say? any suggestions and advice would be splendid. thanks a lot for your time!