June 18th, 2004


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Now I have broadband I'm going to be downloading more music and video files such as anime. Is there anything I should do to my computer to help it cope with this?
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opinion questions

In what direction do you believe the internet is headed (in the near or distant future)? Do you imagine it will one day be a staple of the average household, or will its popularity fade out?

What about music? With the questionable exception of Radiohead, all the music that's coming out today is unoriginal and bland. Sort of seems like society has lost touch with creativity. Are we ever going to see another Beatles, Bob Dylan, Mozart, Sinatra, etc?

edit: Do you think books will be around forever? My guess is that many will become electronic, which is stupid, because what are you supposed to do in a power outage or if a server's down?
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Yearbook of Life

So you know how you can put a quote or a one-liner under your picture in the yearbook (some schools still do it, I hear)... Imagine that when you die, your picture goes into a big huge yearbook - the Yearbook of Lives.

What does your quote or one-liner say?
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new to the group. I'm a senior in college in Indiana, studying psych, etc. (its all in the bio).

I tend to come off as a know it all sometimes, so hopefully I can help some as well as get answers.

My first question dates back from childhood, and I never really got a good answer.

What happens to butterflies when it rains?
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Food Cravings

Where do you think food cravings come from? Like, here I am sitting ... minding my own business and BOOM!! I want some oatmeal. I didn't see any advertisements or anything just... BOOOM. Why do you think people get random food cravings?

Job junk

What's the most irritating part of your job?

I love, even ADORE my job. But besides the hard labor in the desert in the summer, the worst part has got to be doing all the damned grocery shopping for my work crew before each trip. Fortunately, I've pretty much got it down to a science as to what to buy. But it's still a pain in the ass to have to go buy four days worth of food and beverage for 7-9 hungry, hard-laboring people, several of whom have assorted dietary quirks. I don't get paid enough for this!

(Off to go shopping....)
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Midi Files

What is a good website for finding midi song files? One that has a large selection and is updated regularly.

My cellphone uses midi files for ringtones and I can send them to the phone. So I'm looking for good sound files.


Microsoft word document w/ photos

Okay- I am at work and I am trying to make a simple fyer that has photos on it. I copied the thumbnail sized photos from a website and continued to write the invitation portion. When I was finished, I saved the document, thankfully, and tried to print it out on the color printer that we have. The words all printed out but the photos did not. Did I do something wrong? What wid' that!?!
(I did check the printer and it seems to be running a-okay. It printed out other documents and photos, just not mine.)

And to make matters worse, I have to get these printed before I leave the office today. Help?
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Does the store Things Remembered only engrave stuff you buy there, or could I take something I have (an ID bracelet) there to get engraved?

Do you know any other places that do engraving, if they don't? Thanks in advance.
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Familial career influences

What do/did your parent/s do for a living? How do you think those occupations have influenced your current and/or hoped-for profession, if at all?

On a related note, what stereotypes does your job/career/profession have? Do those stereotypes bother you?

My answers cut because I tend to blather, especially when I'm home alone on a Friday night.

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Does anyone know any catchy Euro pop?
I know almost nothing about it, apart from:
*I liked this years Eurovision winner, and the Maltese entry was just the greatest!
Basically, overly poppy is fine in my books.
Does anyone know any good pop songs that are really famous in their own country, but unheard of elsewhere (usually because of the language thing)?
Something like Tiziano Ferro's "Sere Nere", which is impossibly catchy with or without an understanding of Italian...I seriously think that would do well if it was released elsewhere...
* * *
Can anyone give me any advice they find particularly useful when writing poetry? I need 5000 words of it for school for Monday... It just feels wrong to be forced into writing poetry...


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so, in general terms

1a) if someone doesn't believe in fate or a "higher power" who planned fated, if they say they only believe in "cause and effect", where do they think the first cause came from? Or how do they think everything came to be caused?
1b) Same with people who don't believe that the world was created by Something or Somewhat - where do they think they VERY FIRST things came along that started the evolution process, Or whatever?

2) my brother (who is not my friend by the way) claims to have created a huge folder on my computer, and hidden it somehow so I cannot find it in a search, or just by looking, and he says I need a password to get into it and it is literally invisible (meanwhile it hogs my gigs)...is he lying or what?

If I'm a full-time student, do you think I could get a special car insurance rate somehow if I could get on my parents insurance (even though the car is registered in my name)?