June 17th, 2004

Web Hosting

Hey All
I have a question about THE INTERNET:
I recorded a WAV file onto my computer and want to upload it to my website (geocities). Yeah, I'm probably stuck far back in the past on all this... hahahh but I don't have a credit card and so I don't have a paid website. Anyways, this WAV file, I will probably turn it into an MP3 to make it smaller, and it is a recording I have made myself, so it is not copyrighted. How do I upload it so that OTHER people can download it/listen to it?? At geocities and similar free services, there is the option to upload files, and I've done that, but when my friends go to click on the location of the file, it loads a page with a bunch of code... so yeah, its kinda frustrating.
What am I doing wrong here? Help!! and also, I cannot just put it on a peer-2-peer program like SoulSeek because some of my friends can't connect to me there... so thats why I'm putting it on my website...

And, my second question:
What is the best FREE webhosting service?

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(no subject)

For those of you in the tri-state area(NY,NJ,CT) where do you go to buy EZ-Pass? Is it a good deal..I'm going to be using the NJ parkway at least 5 times every weekend starting in September.


I've seen those "exploding" tents (pop up tents, instant tents) as I like to call them, but I've not found a reliable camping store that sells them.

They come in little circle bags () and you throw them in the air and *BAM* INSTA TENT ()!

I like that particular one just because it looks fairly bizarre.

I've heard that after a while they don't work so well, that they're not attached to the ground so well, etc etc.

Does anyone have any experience with these?

Does anyone know where I can buy them? I'm wary of internet sites with poor graphics.


I have an interview in 2 weeks for the managerial fast-track of the civil service in London. Now the London civil service is chock full of stuffed-shirt, stiff upper lip types, born rich, good clothes, proper elocution, every English upper class stereotype you could imagine. I’m lower class, can’t afford a good suit, bad accent, sometimes bad spoken grammar.

How can I make a good impression on these people? I have proven my ability to be there, now this interview seems like it’s all about whether I fit. Does anyone have any advice for me? I dearly want the job (not just a job – it’s a whole career!).

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How much do you think one ought to get paid per hour for doing something tentatively titled "data entry"? It would probably entail minor secretorial work (phone calls, scheduling, entering information into computers, making graphs). It is for a local business, very small, and I'm not sure what to say when they ask me what sort of pay I'm looking for.
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(no subject)

Does Hummus need to be refrigerated? It doesn't say so anywhere on the on the packaging, but it was on one of those refrigerated but still open air shelves at the store.
How long will it last if I don't refrigerate it?
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(no subject)

Hey guys, I have a couple of questions:

1) Is there any way to be notified (by email/text message/etc.) when someone places a bid on something I'm selling on eBay? I've sold a lot of stuff that way and I've always been curious about it.

2) I won a TV at work in a drawing. It's great, but it's considered income, so it's taxed, which is taken out of my paycheck. NOT cool. I found out how much it's worth and I'm considering selling it on eBay, but I'm torn. It's a decent TV and I don't have one in my bedroom, but there's no cable hook-up in there and it'd be a chore to wire it up, but it might be worth it anyway. I dunno. Keep it or sell it?
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MTV's Dismissed

Does American Mtv show the gay/lesbian episodes of Dismissed? I'm living in Germany for three years and I only remember seeing the straight version when I was stateside. The episodes I've watched are still filmed in Southern California and are all subbed in German. Is it a special European thing or do the states show these episodes as well?

(no subject)

Here's a question for parents who have cats. I'm pregnant at the moment and we also have two beloved cats. They both love to sleep in our bed; the older, bigger one quite often sleeps on our heads and faces.
I'm a bit worried that once the baby is here, the cats will be attracted to this small, warm thing and try to squeeze into the cot with it.
Does anyone know of any sort of device that can keep cats off cots? Or how else did you do it? Is it just a matter of keeping the cats out of the bedroom?
Thanks in advance for your advice.
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How to. . .

How should one tell the person that they love that sleeping in diffrent bedrooms (so they can sleep better) is making you sleep like shite?
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(no subject)

Okay, frankly I'm really embarassed to be asking this here since I know I've seen the exact same question before.

How does one go about removing a hickey quickly? It's not a deep deep colour.. it actually just looks like a red rash at the moment.

I really don't want to wear a turtleneck to work tomorrow unless I have to.
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So, it's summer and I have all the time in the world. Right now, my mind is set on losing a bit of weight. What has been the most effective way of losing weight that you've tried, or know someone who's tried? I'm an active soda drinker, so I've ordered my mother not to buy any while I'm at the house for the next few weeks, so I assume that will be of great help. Also, since it's the summer and don't have a job because I'm leaving state soon, I have plenty of time any time of the day to go to the gym. Know any good exercise plans for the gym or even outside the gym? Any other advice will help.

Thanks in advance. :)
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I hate computers...

My dad installed McAfee Security Center on our PC to replace the Norton program that's fairly simular. So far, it's been giving me some grief, most notably in when dealing with my e-mail client.

I use Yahoo Mail, and they have a "color and text" feature that I can add text to. And I can't compose mail. And I can't delete my e-mail either. I know Yahoo Mail changed and everything, but I am thinking my problem has to do with McAfee, not Yahoo. Is that possible? And if so, what can I do to fix it?
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When the 'girl talk' is given in schools, and they have someone come in specifically to talk to the girls about menstruation what are the criteria in the UK for this, how does a school find someone to give this talk?