June 16th, 2004


Bad Horror Movies Dvds

I've seen a lot of stinkers in the last few months. Which of these do you think is the absolute worst?

House of a Thousand Corpses
Suicide Club (Japanese)
House of the Dead
Tomie - Replay (Japanese)

On the other hand, I've seen some pretty good horror films in the last few months. Which of these do you think was the best?

Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Inner Senses (foreign, I forget where)
Ghost Ship
Devil's Backbone (Spanish)
28 Days Later

(no subject)

Completely odd question here, but have any of you ever gotten involved with a person who's dying? If so, how is/was it? Is it an ephermal dance where you live it up, or is it somber and depressing? Is it a stronger point to be with someone who may be in their final days to help them to the end of their rope, or is it a stronger point to walk away from what could be a train wreck of inescapable, inevitable sorrow?

singapore la

where in singapore does one go to find anime? particularly naruto dvd's, not vcd's and any other naruto merchandise.

also, it seems that x-box and nokia n-gage are big here in singapore and gamecube is a minority. why is that? both those systems are horrendous in my opinion. especially the n-gage which already failed miserably back in the U.S.

digital camera search

what digital camera should i get? i'm looking for minimum 3.2 megapixels, decent zoom, rechargeable lith-ion battery, price range maximum at $450 (sing dollars). brands that i'm looking for are olympus and canon, but feel free to recommend any other brand(s)


I'm trying very hard to think of a name of this movie I saw a few years ago. It was a horror movie, although not too scary. I think it was about how when zombies sucked people's blood, they (people) turned into zombies themselves. The only thing I remember clearly was the zombie guy who was walking with his leg twisted, and carrying some sort of an axe that was making weird sounds on the floor. Anyone has an idea what I'm talking about?

Also, speaking of 'The Day After Tomorrow'. Right after I saw it, I immediately remembered some other movie that had a global freezing/warming (I don't remember :$) problem, and things were going wrong. Once again, I could not remember more of that.. There probably were quite a few movies with such theme, so go right ahead and name any if you know some!

Thanks in advance.

Just curious.

Do you think the phrase "responsible drug use" is an oxymoron? Is it possible for people to use drugs responsibly? Or are people just so stupid for doing drugs in the first place that "responsible drug use" just isn't possible?
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On the subject of old video games, does anyone remember the title of this movie where these kids run away and travel to California for this video game competition? The little kid is really depressed or mute or something, and at the very end, it unveils Super Mario III for the first time.
books = good

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Okay. You know how the Start menu has shortcuts to the most recent documanets you've opened under the Documents thingy? If I save something to My Documents, and then later go to that shortcut menu, I can open it from there. But if I save something to a subfolder of My Documents, then it shows up in that menu as one of those unrecognizable files until I go to the subfolder and open it from there for the first time after saving it. Now, I'm not complaining about this extremely minor annoyance (oh no, I have to make five clicks instead of two), but why does it do that? Are there any settings I can change?



i bought this old old game from ebay! (i love it so much though!) but, it doesnt work on XP?
it says ScorWIN.exe is not a valid win32 application

i've tried changing the compatibility to windows 95 and everything!!

any ideas??
thanks in advance!
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eBay question

I have a bunch of magazines up on eBay, and I only ship to the US. I do include this in the description.

About a week and a half ago, someone in Ireland -- who has a very positive feedback record -- bid on and won a magazine for about $4. I didn’t realize where they were located until after they had won it. I e-mailed eBay about this, and have never heard back.

This person e-mailed me, was polite (although apparently oblivious), and asked what my shipping rate to Ireland was. I e-mailed this person back and told them that I had contacted eBay, was waiting for a response, and said that I don’t ship outside the US.

I contacted eBay again and have not heard back.

So, I think this is all at a standstill right now. The buyer hasn’t contacted me or left any negative feedback. I’m just not quite sure what the next step is.

Any ideas? Has anyone else run into this problem?


(no subject)

Can anyone think of any pop songs that, when interpreted a certain way (not the intended way), can mean something thats very profound/existential/depressing?

The only example I've been able to think of so far is Bryan Adams' Everything I Do, I Do it For You. (great love story vs. "we are defined by other people")

Thank you!

abby genius


For a professional fisherman (that is, working with nets and stuff, usually in the ocean or in seas like the Mediterranean, not just a casual fisherman with a pole in a river), who may have two or three helpers on board his boat, what would be the average catch for a day? Obviously this question does not refer to the huge 20+ people plus huge trawlers that are out there, just about four guys and a nice-sized boat.

And another question - anyone know of a good resource for what fish are common along which coastlines, and/or how many of each a fisherman could expect to bring in in a day?

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Speaking of movies...

What movie do you own that you hide when your friends come over? Is it something so campy that you're ashamed or is it something else?

Mine is "Idle Hands" with Seth Green. It's so horrible and cheesy, but I secretly love it.
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Provided the driver is 100% sober, is it legal for passengers to drink in the vehicle? Oh, and somebody told me it's legal to be naked while driving. Is that true?

I live in New York state, if that makes a difference.

(no subject)

What colour should I paint my room? It's deep blue now, but it must be changed...

Does anyone know anything to do with Jelly Beans aside from eating them? I got a ton of them from a party a while ago, but I cant stand them.... Creative or fun ideas?