June 15th, 2004

Hairy Potter (Feel free to kill me)

Three quick unrelated questions:

Is it possible to fire your pwn pots without a kiln? I recently made a pot out of some gray clay, and a bird-thingy out of red clay, and I'd like to get them fired, but I no longer have access to a kiln. I remember having a raku firing, which I think was done without a kiln... I have no idea. :D

Is photobucket working for all of you? My account and pictures have faded into oblivion.

And to anyone who shaves, is there a certain body part you can't stand to shave? Or, conversely, to not have shaved?

I despise shaving my legs, but if my pits have texture, I am foul the rest of the day.

rental cars

i'm interested in renting a car for a day or two to go visit my girlfriend.

only problem is most of the car rental places i can find online require for the renter to have major credit card in their name.

the only other requirement is that they be at least 25 years of age (and i am).

does anyone know of any car rental places that don't require having a major credit card issued in the renters name?

if it helps any i'm located in southern california (san diego).


(no subject)

Alright, little problem. I want to join the gym that is just down the street from my house, but there's a problem. There's this girl who works there that I used to go to school with, who knows me, and I CAN'T STAND HER. Actually, very few people CAN stand her, so at least I'm in the majority there.....but she is ALWAYS there, says the most inappropriate, rude, embarrassing things , and doesn't seem to understand that I really don't want to talk to her! I have tried to avoid her, but she finds me anyway, I have tried to tell her I am busy or something, but she doesn't get it. This is one of the main reasons I cancelled my membership before... I dreaded seeing her!!
I really don't want to look like a jerk, but I want nothing to do with her besides the polite "hello" or whatever, but how can I make that clear to her? She really is hard to get through too, and I don't want to HURT her, but I just am not interested in talking to her!!! HELP!!

guys.. hmmmm

So A guy friend of mine has a theory. We were talking about why most guys can’t just come out and say what they want. First he said it was the empowerment of women. I asked him how so, so he said his theory is that society is pacifying men, who up to now have had to show a strong front of "manliness" to survive. Now they're being given like a super break that is reversing things as women are allowed to get away with things that men can't. So men then feel the need keep to themselves.

My question is well what do you think about his theory? Do they guys you know tell you how they feel or what they want? Do you see his point, do you feel society corrupts us like that and makes us feel or act how they want us to feel or act without us having a real say or able ness to just be us?

Tough I know but I am wondering because I am going to put his conversation up on my LJ for discussion so I thought I would ask a question here and see if anyone who doesn’t know my LJ or me for a different perspective on these thoughts.

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Computer-related question.

When I started Windows XP this morning and signed into my account, I got this message on my desktop. I have no idea what this is, but I'm taking this is serious, so does anyone have any idea what this is about and how to take care of it, if I need to?
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Tank Xing

Rock n' Roll

Woo! We just had an earthquake! It was short but sweet.

So what's your favorite natural disaster? What's the most you've been affected by a natural disaster?

Besides earthquakes, I also like wildfires. Fortunately, I've never been significantly, personally affected by a natural disaster. I know plenty of folks who had some very close calls in the San Diego fires last October, and it was definitely a freaky week for everyone around. My husband's aunt and uncle lost a house in the Laguna fires in '93. I got woken up by the Northridge earthquake in '94 and rode out another in the Colorado Desert in '01. But nothing major. Let's hear your natural disasters!
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random//my dumb face

Too sharp?

When I edit my digital pictures I always sharpen them up a bit after resizing to get back some of the detail I'd lost. Generally I use "sharpen lightly" but on occasion "sharpen" makes them look better. Sometimes it makes them look too sharp though.

So I wanted to post a picture done both ways and ask your opinion on it. Don't worry, it's work safe, it's just a tombstone.

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getting into college

Has anyone been dis-enrolled from college before they really started?

Lemme explain:
My nephew just graduated from high school and got accepted at San Francisco State University. He went to orientation today and someone told him that based on his final transcript, he was going to be dis-enrolled; he got a D or lower in a class required for enrollment and therefore was no longer eligible. He must've done really bad on his final because he had a C prior to the test, although he knew that he was teetering on the border of a D. They told him he didn't need to stay for the rest of the orientation because it's pretty certain that he would be removed from enrollment.

(no subject)

woah, did anyone just log into their yahoo email
and get 100mb storage?

omg. such a nerd. getting excited over email storage hahah :D
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(no subject)

So I'm off to camp in 12 days, sweet. Its my 8th or so summer, and so I'm pretty good with packing. I always bring the usual, and then other things, like a sewing kit for repairs and cabin decorations for looks, but I was just wondering, do you know any strang, overlooked and het extremly useful things to bring to camp that most people wouldnt think of?

Thanks a ton for anything.
Tank Xing

Things that make you go "hmmmmm..."

I'm a huge fan of In Passing.

Have you overheard anything really strange lately? Are you an involuntary eavesdropper, or are you able to ignore irritating conversations around you?

This weekend, I overheard this in a small-town coffee shop in the Santa Cruz mountains:

Old Dude: "Hey, how's it going?"

Younger Dude: "OK, I guess. We had kind of a bad week."

Old Dude: "Oh yeah? Why is that?"

Younger Dude: "Well, we've got a really bad tenant downstairs right now. He comes home drunk from the bar most nights around midnight and starts playing the accordion. Out of tune. To Motown."
***brief pause***
Younger Dude: "I wouldn't mind it nearly so much if he played in tune."
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