June 14th, 2004


Ah computer madness.

I started up my computer for the first time since graduating from college last month and I attempted to set up a new internet connection. I know how to do it. It isn't that hard and I've done it on several computers before. Anyways, the setup wizard would not let me name my connection and because of that I cannot move forward in the setup process. No matter what name I put in, it told me it wasn't a valid name. Why is it doing this? I have Windows 2000 and have never had problems before. At school I was forced to get rid of the pre-set connection when I got a virus and the computer people didn't know what was going on. Anyways, any advice or thoughts would be appreciated, other than someone telling me to get a new computer or a mac or some dumb junk like that.

Thanks in advance.

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isn't AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE just the best show ever?

sorry, lemme rephrase...
what are your favorite shows on adult swim?

cowboy bebop is awesome too, but i've already seen every episode...
for some reason i don't like family guy (except stuey), and futurama is only mildly amusing.

eating healthy

I'm trying my best to eat healthier, and this often involves not buying unhealthy food for myself (obviously). The problem is I am now bringing my lunch to work every day (a sandwich and piece of fruit), and when I eat a sandwich I really like to eat a bag of chips as well.

So I guess my question is this . . .

What are some healthy, tasty, cheap alternatives to eating chips for lunch?

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2 questions:

1) Does anyone use Opti-Free Express No Rub multi-purpose contact lens solution? I have 4 or 5 coupons for $1.50 off that expire on 12/31/04. I don't use this stuff anymore, and I'd be happy to mail these coupons to someone who needs them. First come, first served.

2) Does the camera really add 10lbs? If so, how?
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How long should a girl wait before calling a guy? I got his number very early Sunday morning, 4 AM to be exact. Would it be too soon to call him this evening? Or should I wait a bit longer?
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two questions

i'm getting into the whole "reconstructing T shirts" thing but the lame thing is... i don't know what DIY stands for! i know it's related to it... at least i think so. what does it me?? i feel like an idiot for not knowing!

and my other question. what is a good LJ commun or website that has templates for icons?

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If scientists were to discover irrefutable proof of past or present life on Mars, what would be the implications for biblical creationism? Do most creationists allow for the possibility of life on other planets, or would it run contrary to their beliefs?
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European Electronica

I only started getting into electronica from Europe recently and realized that I actually liked it more than I thought I would.

Does anybody have any good recommendations for any good eletronica artists or groups from Europe?

For the record, I am listening to Sigur Rios, Lali Puna, Mum, Lamb and Radiohead right now.
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Translation service for people on the autism spectrum

(Don't know anything about autism? Try helping with the service delivery questions instead *grin*)

I am a member of an email list for autistic adults. Over the weekend, one of our members had a 'regression' experience, and was very frustrated by having things that they desperately wanted to say, combined with a loss of function with expressive language. We worked out that the person was asking for a translator, and have started translating their emails into more easily-understood words and expressions.

It seemed to some of us that it might be very valuable for people on the spectrum to be able to access a service that would help them to be understood by a broad population. And I have some questions that I would appreciate feedback on:

Question now is of working out what is needed from translating services:
Who needs it?
How best to deliver it to them?
Is there any chance of getting paid for it at some point? (Obviously not right now. But I am a broke student, so I am always looking for a chance to raise my incoming money to the level of my outgoing money. Higher would be very nice.)
Given that we not going to get paid any time soon, how to provide service with minimum investment of time and money?
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I always hate these kinds of questions, but hey...:D

There's a song that I always hear that goes something like "you look so fine and I really want to make you mine", and I'd like to know what its called, who sings it, and if anyone knows where I could download it for free (since I am incredibly inept at finding mp3s).

Thankyou, peoples.

healthy lunches....

a post a bit down inspired me to ask this:
this summer i'll be working at a daycamp, so everyday i have to bring my own lunch. i haven't had to do this in years, and i'm not terribly inventive, so can anyone give me ideas for quick, inexpensive lunches i can make for myself? (fyi: i'm a vegetarian, and a bit of a health nut (i'm not fond of white bread, chips, or dairy products [except for yogurt])

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Okay, this may sound strange, but I really need a solution, or some guidance.

I clench my teeth a LOT. I do it without realizing it, even when I'm sleeping. Sometimes it causes my jaw to lock up (never completely, just where it's hard to open my mouth all the way without cracking my jaw) and causes a lot of tension in my jaw, head, neck, etc... which doesn't help the headaches I already get from having a messed up neck and back.

Can anyone think of ways to stop clenching my teeth?


I have a fish tank which has a heater, however, now its really hot out and I can't afford to keep the air conditioning on all the time. The water temperature is supposed to be 80, but now (I'm assuming cause its so hot out) its 84-86. How do I cool it down? Do I just add cool water every now and then?

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Does anyone know a site where I can find free piano sheet music?

Also - how can I type in Japanese text? Is there a certain way to configure my computer, or a program or patch or such that I can download? (For example, fieryphoenix wrote "aoi" in hiragana here)

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So, if you put two grapes in the microwave, and turn it on, they spark and explode. I've done it, its true! Now, can anyone give me a scientific reason why? And if you dont know, give me a silly reason.

On another topic, I'm getting over a cold, and the inside of my nose is dry and painful. Any one have any ideas as to cure the pain?
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2 questions

Does anyone know what an investment banker does?
what a coporate lawyer does?

make that 3.

where's there a site where I can find out about occupations.
thanks much.
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My cousin and I are having an argument.

Is "alright" a word? Do you use it in different situations as opposed to "all right"?
Is it colloquial? Are not being a word and colloquial the same thing? ( I say not. )

What The...

Alright so, apparently .... I have two black eyes. I just... woke up with them. I have NO IDEA how I got them. They aren't exactly black... more like a deep red/brown. If ya look closely at me, you'll see. It's around my entire eyes. From right underneath my eyebrow, to the edge of my nose, down to my cheekbones and out about a half inch from the other side of my eye. They're really sore! I wonder how the hell I got them...
Anyway, it's really weird! Whatta ya think?
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Help! I have to write a thank you letter!

I have to write a thank you letter to the donor of a scholarship that I got. The problem is, I don't know how I should write it. I've written other thank yous before, but they weren't formal. Should I write this one on a thank you card? Or is it supposed to be more like a formal business letter on computer paper? I don't know how long it should be either. Any kind of help would be appreciated!
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My parents are making me get a credit card because they think it's good for me to build my credit now (I barely finish HS). The thing is, I don't plan to rely on a credit card anytime in my life. But in the future, when I need to buy a house or a car, I'll need to show them credit (and have the money). Is there any other way I can build my credit without getting a credit card?