June 12th, 2004

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Technology and such

What’s the oldest electric appliance that is still regularly used in your household?

We have two things -- a Coronet typewriter that’s older than I am, an avocado green blender that’s older than I am, and an answering machine that was a gift from my uncle in the ‘80s, when answering machines were still fairly cutting edge.

OK, after reading over my answer, I guess multiple items are ok too. ;-)

(no subject)

1) What's that song playing in the background of the Saved! TV commercials? Google wasn't very much help.

2) Why did the Get Fuzzy and Dilbert syndicated accounts get deleted?

3) Earlier this week, I locked my keys in my car and then realized I'd locked my house door, too. I couldn't get ahold of my parents, so I called my boyfriends house (he has a copy of my car key). His mom got pissed that I called at 9:45 on a school night. I clearly said "It's very urgent, I need to talk to Erick now-"

And then she hung up. I ended up sleeping in my disgusting garage all night, and had to break into my car with a saw in the morning.

So then last night, she got into a fight with my boyfriend over his curfew and called my dad at 11pm. What the hell? Should I say something about the hypocricy, or let it go?

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any UK based cosmetics companies that are low in chemicals and not animal tested?
I know of a few, such as Dr Hauschka or Honesty cosmetics, but they are always either too expensive or don't have what I am looking for, the only other place is The Body Shop, however not sure on their standards on chemicals, anyone any ideas?

I'll never get this...

Now I'm always hearing about Brad Pitt and how "hot" and "sexy" he is. People are always "Holy Jesus, he's so hot! I wish he'd divorce Jennifer and marry me!" But everytime I look at him, I think he looks awfully ugly.

My question is: Do you think Brad Pitt is ugly or hot?
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earring issues

Are sterling silver earrings non-allergenic? And to prevent allergic reactions, can the post be gold-plated, or does the whole entire thing have to be gold?

I want to get my ears pierced soon but every time I go to get them done, I chicken out! How badly does it hurt? Is it like getting a vaccination? And where's the safest place to get them done? I heard that it's risky to get them done at the mall because most of those people don't know what they're doing and it's not sanitary many times.
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Sexy black-haired woman

(no subject)

Does anyone know the biblical story of Jezebel? (She was basically a slut who worshipped false idols and eventually got murdered because of her sluttiness etc.)

Okay now the question:
How does this story/event (who knows if it actually happened) directly affect Jews and Christians today?
How about at that time? (This question is considerably harder because Christianity didn't even exist at that time)

I appreciate any replies!
Sexy black-haired woman

(no subject)

Okay sorry I didn't post this question with my last one but I just thought of it:

Does anyone know how I could contact James Valentine from the band Maroon 5?

I've looked all over to find his address but I can't.
This is very important too...okay well maybe not very important but it's more than just a fan mail thing.