June 11th, 2004

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I've googled this a few times but could only find web-sites that didn't work or were just full of links to other sites that didn't work so I figured I might as well ask here. Do you know of any good places to download ring tones for a Verizon LG VX4500 model phone?

And, what's your current mood?
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On the radio this morning, I heard a commercial for white peaches at Safeway. They said that these are sweeter than the other stone fruits available.

What is a stone fruit? I've heard the term before, but I don't know what it is.
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Thanks, Dad.

Brought on by a recent conversation with my father (who was totally shit-faced, on vacation in Ireland).

I'm not 100% sure how to phrase this, so I hope it comes out right... :)

Do you know anyone who has a weird "habit" that they do while drunk? Like a weird ritual or they start to speak differently or something? Something that they do nearly everytime they're drunk, like dance on chairs or put a lamp shade on their head?

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Class o' 97

It seems that lately I've had the urge to wear my class ring. (Perhaps because of all the talk of graduations and such?) It's almost 10 years old *gulp* and one of my favorite pieces of jewelry in my collection.
The only reason I don't wear it right now is because I'm not sure which finger it should be on. The ring is a traditional style class ring - like the men's style, just smaller. Most of the girls in our class went for the fancier ones that look more like engagement rings than class rings. But anyways.
So it's obviously not an engagement ring and it's not a promise ring or anything like that -- would it be alright to wear it on my left ring finger? It fits on that finger best, but it also fits on my right hand, too.
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SPN: Keep calm and carry on
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Why the hell do some people feel the need to add "lol" to the end of every sentence / paragraph they type when they're not even laughing?  What is the point?  Is it turning into replacement punctuation?  Will periods soon be obsolete in favor of "omgwtf"?  This might sound like a rhetorical question, but I really would like to know if people have opinions about this.

I have no problem with people using these acronyms, but for the love of Gods, ONLY when it's applicable, please.

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X-posted all over the place.....

I used to get very nauseous when I exercised in the morning before eating anything, so I've been trying to wait until an hour or so after I've eaten breakfast, but I'm STILL getting nauseous. I'm usually doing 30-45 minutes of treadmill walking or an exercise tape, and I'm working hard but not overdoing it....any ideas why I'm still feeling sick to my stomach and how I can stop it? Thanks!
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Unemployment benefits?

I'm going to try asking here because I'm ready to tear my hair out.

I'm trying to file my first unemployment claim online.  I already did all the preliminary stuff so I should be all set.  The thing is, it asks me not just for the week ending June 5th's information but for the previous week, ending May 30th.  My last day of work was May 27th.  I am not trying to claim that week, but it won't let me not claim it.  If I leave it blank, it pops up an error saying "Your last date of work was May 27th.  Please complete this section as this is a week you are claiming" and won't let me go any further.  It will not let me choose just the latter week.  I know I'll run into the very same problem if I try to claim by phone.

Please please please.. I've never been on unemployment before so I have no idea what to do here... can somebody please explain to me how the hell to get it to understand that I am not trying to claim that week? 

I'm a NJ resident, if that helps.
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Two Money Questions

What are your best ideas/tips for raising money?

What are your best ideas/tips for saving money? (This one is probably more important to me.) Teach me how to be thrifty, pretty please.

My job is ending Tuesday and didn't pay that much to begin with, really. It'll be three weeks until I move, and when I do, I'll only be in my new city just over a month before starting school full time. The program I'm entering will take up so much time that I won't be able to have a job. My parents are able to help me out a bit, but I'd love some ideas anyway, because I would really LOVE to see my savings account GROW.

Also, would it be worth it to advertise dog/walking, babysitting, when I know I'll be moving in three weeks??

Thanks for any tips you can give!