June 10th, 2004

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oil warmers

Has anyone used an oil warmer before? I'm referring to a candle-heated glass kind of thing. How quickly does it 'burn' the oil? Is it more or less smell than a scented candle? Is it okay to use massage oils instead of the potpourri type?
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When talking about fate why do people say 'Everything happens for a reason'?
Surely that makes no sense when trying to support fate, yeah things happen for a reason, the glass fell...because I tripped over it, there is your reason for it, there was no divine will, no universal dictation, I kicked it, it fell...that’s not fate, it's not predetermined, that is cause and effect.

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what part of your body do you hate being touched?

my friend can't stand to have people touch her face, another friend doesn't like it when people touch her feet. for me, it's my butt. i hate people touching my butt, and no, i've never had a boyfriend. lol


I have never used a foot stone or a pumice stone or anything like that, but I would like to start making my feet nicer--how do I do this? what do I need?

Basically I walk a lot and play soccer so my feet are pretty callused at the heel, ball, and tips of my toes. I think everything else is normal though ;-)

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Way back in the 80s, when I was in grade school, Nickelodian was pretty cool. All those old shows, like Third Eye and stuff. However, I saw one movie that was positively bizarre that was too sophisticated for my young mind at the time. Parts of it still flicker in my memory, and I'd really like to see it again, but it's nowhere to be found.

Have any of you heard of a movie called The Witches and the Grinny-Gog?

Also, another movie that's hard to find, but I honestly haven't looked too hard

Luther the Geek

I'm what?! *gasp*

Here's something I posted on my personal journal, but wanted the opinion of all you fine people :).

Why is it that people are embarrassed to admit that they really are poor? I've never had a problem with it. I mean, if you only make so much a year, you're poor. What's the big deal? It's not like it devalues you as a human being. Yes, I can think of the obvious solution. People are too proud. Any other thoughts?


i need a simpsons clip of the flanders being really dorky-christiany. i don't watch the show much, so i can only think of scenes, but i don't remember what was going on in the episode or the title. like, there was one when the flanders had bible trivia night, or another one when they kept singing that noah's ark song.

anyhoo, can you give me any episode titles that feature the flanders being really dorky christiany? or some extremely dull church service with rev. lovejoy? thanks!

iPod versus iPod mini

It's graduation time for me, which means presents time. So my question is: which is better, an iPod mini or a regular iPod? I don't have 20,000 songs or even 10,000. The max amount of songs I would probably ever have at the same time is 2000. What says you--which is better? I heard there are technical problems with the new iPod minis. True?
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I am smrat.

I put a load of laundry in the dryer an hour ago and was just now reminded, when I went to bring it in, that appliances like dryers work much better when you push the GO button. I do the same thing with the electric kettle, but I have more of an excuse there, in that I only try to operate the kettle pre-caffeine.

Do you have any fuck-ups you find yourself making over and over and over and over and over in your daily routine? Or am I, as I suspect, just particularly scatter-brained?
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books = good

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Okay, I fear this will be vague and difficult, but I'll spill all the info I have here. I'm looking for a YA horror book that would have been published around 1990 or a little later (because it was the big in thing when I was in fifth grade in '92). It was about a girl who moved to a big house, I think perhaps to live with an elderly relative, and met a ghost girl there who I think either looked like her or had her same name or something. I think it had the word "shadow" in the title. It seems to me that it was a really popular book at the time...anyone have any clues? Throw some titles and/or authors at me to jog my memory, even. And no, it wasn't R.L. Stine--the book was rather more sophisticated than that, and I think it was written by a woman.

Beat the Heat...

Last summer I gave in and bought a sunshade for the windshield of my car. It's two panels that have a wire all the way around the outside and you can twist them up into a smallsize for storage. One side has a pretty picture and the other side is shiney silver colored. No where on the packaging or on the labels does it say which side goes out!! So... would you put the shiney reflective silver side out? or the pretty (but dark colored) picture side?


I have a fear of hazel eyes. (yes, you can laugh at me :/)

does anyone else have any fears that are weird/lame, like that? :)
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leave your turntable on

work questions

My local Barnes and Noble is currently seeking people to work at the cafe. What exactly should I say on "position desired"? Cashier seems kind of broad...

And also, I've applied to lots of other places but didn't get hired, so my mom suggested that I include a short resume. I'm eighteen and I haven't been previously employed, so should I include working fundraisers (like selling yearbooks at school) as work experience? What else should I include in it? And what kind of resume should I use?
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I'm organizing a benefit garage sale + bake sale. I'd obviously like it to be really successful, but I've never had my own garage sale before so it seems a little daunting.

What attracts you to certain garage sales? What kinds of things do you like to buy? What are some bad things that I shouldn't sell? Any other tips?

ah, ok weird question:

so at my high school, there's only a limited number of senior parking spaces. i drive, but don't have a space. other people like me occasionally park across the street from the school, in the parking lot of a small-ish shopping center. i've done this only a few times this year, including today (i had to leave early to pickup my dad after he had knee surgery). the owners of the shopping center have towed the cars of students parking in their lot before- i think twice this year- so everytime you park, you take a chance i guess you could say.
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Because I'm Windows incompetent. XD

I'm using IE 6 on Windows XP, and every time I try to view a .pdf file from a link, I get errors out the wazoo and I'm unable to view the .pdf unless I download it and open it with Acrobat-- a waste of time and space if the .pdf isn't what I needed. I have Acrobat installed, so I'm not sure what's going on. (I'm fairly new to PCs, I've been on Macs most my life.) Anyone care to tell me what I need to make the error go away?

Additionally, my laptop has been unable to go into standby because of a keyboard driver being defunct. Where should I look to upgrade it?
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