June 9th, 2004

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Would it be considered a yearbook 'faux pas' to ask someone to clarify their signature. A friend of mine (who, i'm fairly certain, is interested in me) left a very cryptic message in my yearbook, and I have absolutly no clue what to take from it. It is very obvious that he is trying to be deep and meaningful in what he wrote, yet I have found myself reading it hundreds of times AND STILL NOT UNDERSTANDING IT. (("The real deal. An opportunity to learn, and more importantly, live with you.")) So, am I allowed to ask him what it means? or is that considered rude, or heartless?
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Is it inapporpiate to wear dressy sandals (with long pants) to an interview? It's hot here and the outfit looks weird (to me) with my dress boots. I leave for my interview in a little over an hour.

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The great thing about this club is that I can find questions on anything. I hope...

Anyway: I want to start up my sea monkey colony again. (Go ahead and laugh, I don't mind.) The thing is, in a couple of weeks my family is moving and I'll have to take the poor little guys on a four-hour car ride. I am really impatient and want to get started immediately, and I don't mind losing a few en route. As long as I still have some males and females, I'll just add the stuff that will help them mate when they mature. But should I stifle my impatience and wait until we move to start them up, or is the car ride not going to hurt them too much? Please tell me I can start them up now and give me ways of making it safer for them unless you are absolutely sure that I should wait. I know, I know, patience is a virtue...It's a virtue that I don't have. Thank you all.

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Someone very close to me has a habit of boycotting large, corporate businesses, i.e. Wal-mart, etc.
He will only frequent a chain if he knows that the so said chain has corporate responsibility and does not heavily sponsor the Republican/Conservative party/causes. With this being said, I need to find out what conglomerate or corporate entity owns:
1) Jamba Juice
2) Wild Oats
3) Trader Joe's

Or maybe you can throw a website link my way for a list of stores that are environmental/ animal friendly even at the heart of their shareholders.

Thank you.
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Web cam trouble

I have a Veo Stingray (pretty cheap web cam) and I'm having trouble with taking a snapshot with it. I've used it before and it's worked fine. I used my web cam on MSN today and it worked well. I had to change the brightness of it and a few other things to make it clear. Do you that screwed up my web cam? I restarted my computer and still it's a blank screen for taking a snapshot. Do you think something is wrong with the software?
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What does this say?


I am new, and I have a question. A while back I helped out this girl who did not speak English, I assumed she was Chinese at the time but now am uncertain. I met her on the way to work and she needed to get to Doncaster and basically I helped her get there. The full story can be found here.

She gave me a piece of jewelery as a way of saying thank-you and on it is a very tiny inscription. I would love to know what it says or even just what language it is in. Someone recommended linguaphiles so I will post there later but here is a picture of the jewelery in question:
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If someone can tell me what it says I would be willing to reward them, maybe by way of a paid LJ, or Icon space.
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So i have a few questions:
First of all, I'm sure most of you have noticed some of the frequently asked questions....so I have some ideas
Can Communities on LJ have memories?
If so, what would you all think about putting some of the frequently asked questions as memories?

That way, repeated questions would be able to get more answers from other places....is it possible to do that?

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Does anyone here have sports induced asthma? If so, what are the symptoms? When I run I feel like it's harder to breathe, but not to the extent that I start to panic. I just feel like my throat's closed up slightly, again not so much that I panic, just that I feel like I'm not really getting enough air in. Could this be asthma?
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Car questions...bear with me

A recent estimate on some work needed on my car has made me suspiscious...in addition to checking with some local garages, I'd like my fellow LJer's opinion.

What is the average price you'd pay for a tune-up?

To include spark plugs, filter changes, etc. I was quoted $400 and I think it's just too much.

And if anyone has any clue on this next one...

Are you familiar with an average price to replace a cooling fan and an alternator with a loose bearing?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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I am getting so tired of trying to do this by myself...I need a GPS for my car. Okay, so tecnically I want a GPS for my car, but that's the only way my mom will consider letting me visit friends over the summer in the hometown that we are moving three and a half hours away from. There are a few things that I find essential:
1. It must have a voice telling me, "Left turn ahead" etc. so I don't have to look at the screen. (Don't know what that's called...Voice guidance maybe?)
2. It must re-route! This is one of the most important things to me. Goodness knows I will make a wrong turn...
3. A screen would be nice.
4. Good voice recognition would be nice, but not essential.
5. A good mapping system with multiple route options of the United States.
6. Knowledge of POIs would be nice.
Price is not the most important thing...I'm going to take the ebay route so I'm hoping to find one for a decent price. Preferably under $1 thousand. I found one that has everything I want for $995ish but my boyfriend keeps pointing out this other one for 7-something but it doesn't seem to have those features I want even though he insists it does. SO...can anyone recommend a model or know of something available? Thanks so much in advance.