June 7th, 2004

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I am going to try to put Mozilla on my computer. Will all of my bookmarked sites be erased or is there a way I can save them? Does I.E. completely erase of my computer if I use Mozilla instead?

Thanks in advance.
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Answer whatever applies to you:

Who would...

be happy having had sex with only one person? Explain.

not be happy having had sex with only one person? Explain.

Although goofy answers are enjoyed and will be praised, I would much appreciate some serious thoughts and comments.

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Admin Note: Ugh.

I think some of the members in this community need to be reminded of one of our rules:
  • Please be respectful and friendly; i.e. no flaming. Rude or offensive comments will not be tolerated, period. This shouldn't need to be said, but threatening other members also will not be tolerated.

I think that all those who participated in that 250+ post flamewar are creating a tempest in a teapot. It's an icon for goddsakes. It's not some big, vast issue of decency, free speech, or women's lib. It's a fucking 100x100 pixel animated GIF that's relatively easy to ignore or block.

To the person who posted the insulting "follow-up" post with the picture link: That was completely uncalled for.

As for my question:
Is it really that difficult to ignore and not respond to a post that you think is blatant flamebait?
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-I'm looking for your best Cream of Mushroom recipes. I have made the Pork Chops and Stuffing, Two-Step Stroganoff and the Rice and Chicken recipes. Have you come up with anything creative that is also a budget stretcher? *Something using either chicken legs/thighs or ground beef*
Thanks everyone!
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Can you make me look good at work?

One of my colleagues is leaving. She is a case officer, and the way she records cases is to put all relevant documents (official letters, comments, responses, general notes) into a Task on Microsoft Outlook. We have network access to her tasks because this is the only full record of cases we have (stupid i know).

Can anyone suggest a)how we can get all this information when she leaves and b) a better way of storing them, not linked to anyone's personal profile? It has to be able to keep different types of documents or at least link to them, plus any general info (such as current location of paper files).

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Where would I find good resources for vintage clothing and hairstyles? I'm particularly interested in the 40s and 50s.

Also, my hair is to the middle of my back. Anywhere on line to find long vintage hairstyles?

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If you've seen Shrek 2, how was it? Is it better than the first one?

If you write in your journal every day, what do you write about? I usually have nothing to write about so I don't write but I would if I could think of stuff to write about!

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Question is, does anyone like the show King of the Hill?

If so, why? Just curious. I have a feeling I got hit in the head and damaged the tiny bit of my humour center that accounted for this show. Or I may not have gotten hit at all and the show just isn't funny. :)
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photo editing software

Is there a decent photo editing program like Paint Shop Pro or Photoshop that isn't as expensive as those are? I know I could download either program, but I am on dialup, and it would literally take me FOREVER to download it. So, what's good that I can buy?
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Hey...I'm totally lost. I have a friend with a Mac that eMailed me some jpegs...but I can't open them! I always thought that jpegs were executable on all platforms. This is what the file looks like in my eMail browser...

Name: MVC-022F.JPG (JPEGView document
Type: application/mac-binhex40
Encoding: 7bit

Any ideas of how I can convert these files?

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This might be violating the "Please do not ask how to do LiveJournal-related things" rule, but I don't think it does.

In icon communities when people post to "give credit," how do I do that? Where do I have to write "So-and-so made this icon"?
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Donnie Darko

It's a brilliant film no doubt, but also very VERY mentally-straining. I've seen it three times, and I still don't know whether to laugh or cry when I watch it, and I'm still not sure if I love it or hate it.

Has anyone seen this movie?

If so, were you as confused as I was, or can you explain the ending montage and why/how Frank was even there in the first place? x.X

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Is the concept of "Memes" (in the philosophical/ sociological/ etc. sense) a respected idea? In a similar vein to, say, Baudrillard's "simulacrum"?
Or is it a concept that is looked down upon by many intelectuals? Like, is it considered to be pop-sociology, etc?
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I had a crappy Henna tattoo done by a friend on Sunday (for a fundraiser) that I'm not exactly happy with. Is there a way to remove it early, instead of waiting the two weeks for it to fade?

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I have a trojan horse on my computer and I don't know how to get rid of it. I can't run the file it was found in, my computer tells me that access to that file is denied for some odd reason...Anyway, the trojan is called "IRC/BackDoor.SdBot.24.P" and it's in the file C:\System Volume Information\_restore{bunch of numbers and letters}\more numbers and letters\even more.exe. Is there anything I can do that doesn't involve buying a program? I don't have any virus removal programs and I really don't know much about computers in that sense...Any help would be much appreciated.

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i think i'm addicted to the internet. laugh all you want, concur that you too are an internet addict, but i don't like it. it's eating my brain and making my life less productive. i pretty much have no self-control, and have found in the past that the only way to break a habit is to simply get it out of my life (like i had to quit hanging out with my stoner friends in order to quit smoking pot; i couldn't just refrain).
unfortunately, computers are not only legal, but everywhere. there are 4 in my house. last week, i unplugged the network cable from my computer and um, broke it to make sure that i couldn't get online from my room. it worked for about 2 days. now i just spend all my time on my stepmom's computer. i thought maybe if it was less convenient (not in my room) i'd spend less time on it. and i probably do, but it's still too much. i'm still not doing the things i'd like to be doing.

what can i do to break this habit?