June 6th, 2004

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What kind of liability is involved with the people who make Girls Gone Wild? Whenever I see those commercials, I can't help but notice how drunk most of the girls look. Do they sign some form of consent to be in the videos, and if so, doesn't being intoxicated negate such a consent form? Do they pay the girls? Have they ever gotten sued by some angry girl that didn't know what she was getting into?
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How do you view it? How does your culture view it? Should it be celebrated or be silenced? I'd like the opinions from everybody if possible, female or male, American or other nationalities, etc. I'd like to hear your views on it since I saw some very valid points brought up in a previous post.

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Anyone have any suggestions for hip-hop?
I love Outkast, so I'd love to start listening to similar music, but I have no idea what I might like and can't aford to be just buying any old shit, any ideas?
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I was watching The Laramie Project the other day, which was amazing by the way, and I have two questions pertaining to it.

There were several pictures of three circles. What does that mean?

And what is 'the twinkie defense'?
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Last night my friend and I had our joint birthday parties (which were about 3 months too late, but hey) and I got a kleenex box cover from a friend, but I have no idea who the cartoon character on it is. If anyone could tell me who it is and where she is from, I would love to know.

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I'm looking into it now, but does anyone know a database online or anything where I can find all the cemeteries in my city?

My friend and I want to visit every cemetery in our city, and then once we're done with that start expanding to other cities nearby, taking pictures all the way. A list of some sort would help greatly, since I know there are some little ones that we'd miss otherwise.

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what is your idea of success?
of failure?

how often do you change your sheets?

girls, do you read any guy magazines? which ones?
guys, do you read any girlie magazines? which ones?

i love esquire.
that's all.