June 5th, 2004


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how do you tell if your addicted to a video game?
my friends and family think i'm addicted to FFXI.

if i'm going to pay a monthly fee to play a game,
by god, i'm gonna play my moneys worth.

to put it in perspective,
the games been out about 2 monthes (ish)
and i've got somthing like 26days of play time logged.
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a job application i'm filling out has a section entitled "licenses." it asks for the license, state, date, and expiration. is it asking for my driver's lisence info? if not, what lisence are they referring to? because i'm lisenced for a lot of things . . .
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Ok here's the deal.
I am looking for a laptop. I have been wondering about getting one for a while but now I have the money to do so. I am just not sure which one to get. I have looked at both PC's and Mac's, and have found a few laptops which look good. but Like I normally do have done things backwards and not fully figured out what I want the laptop to do, so everything looks good.

but before I ramble on even more. heres the question. For those of you who have/use laptops on a regular basis, what do you like and dislike about your laptop?
what would you like to change about your laptop?
what do you like about your laptop?
and what do you miss about your laptop when you don't use it?
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I have an old car (88)
It leaks fluid on the inside.. from under the dash. It leaks onto my feet mats, around the middle... and over to the clutch (you cant really see it leaking.. but its leaked a fair bit now) ... the fluid has a green colour...

does anyone know what it could be?

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Okay. So how do I deal with my new lifestyle of never getting to see my friends because of work, and sitting at my job knowing that they're all out having lots of fun without me?

Any suggestions? I miss my friends.

auto Vs. Manual

I have learnt to ride a manual gear car. But have been driving around an automatic gear car. I was wondering, why there's a 1 (or a L), and 2 gears available? When would you actually use it? Is it recommended to use it in heavy traffic (as that's what I am mostly driving through!).
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If a tree falls down in the forest and the pops right back up...do the squirrels freak out????

*I actually read that on a card and wanted to know everyones opinion...*

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dos preguntas

microsoft word, a program that i cant live without, has been deteled from my computer.
i cant revert my harddrive.
can i call gateway and they'll send me a free cd and poof magic happiness?
or am i goign to have to go spend a million dollars on software for retards who screw up their computers?

also... the order in which these things appeared?
-rolling stone magazine
-the rolling stones
-like a rolling stone - bob dylan
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after countless pain and suffering i still cant find one site for downloading roms for dreamcast emulators to ultimatley burn to disk to play on my actual system, can anyone direct to a pain free site to download roms for dreamcast ?
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so i'll be working as a counselor at a day camp this summer.
i'm planning on bringing a small backpack with me each day,
with things like water, bug spray & suntan lotion in it.
is there anything else i should bring with me?

also, i'll be working with three and four year old girls. i
have some experience with this age group, but can anyone else
give me an idea of what types of games/activities they'll be
likely to participate in? and what types of stuff they probably
won't do?