June 2nd, 2004


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I'm sure we've all seen a touching story on Dateline or 20/20 or a similar show where there is some new wonder medical procedure that only a handfull of people in the world know about, yet the one family in Bumfuck, Idaho who needs it, manages to get it. Right? Well, I just saw a story on my morning news about a heart bypass surgery using a laproscopic robot. After some research online, I found that a hospital close to me, that is actually covered by my insurance, has said robot. I have emailed and called several people at that hospital to find out if they use the robot for bypass surgery, and no one seems to know.

Here are my questions...How do I find out? And if I, a reasonably intelligent human being, can't get this type of information, how the hell does some blithering idiot with an IQ of 4 wind up on 20/20 with a kid who was saved by some obscure medical miracle?????

I don't mean this to sound the way I know it does, but my husband is pretty ill and this procedure would save his life and make recovery quicker and easier. And dammit, I'm pissed off. Sorry if I offended anyone!
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Why are contact lenses by prescription only?

I can understand codeine. Sure, codeine is a good thing to need a prescription for.

As is other addictive painkillers.

Antibiotics - also good. We don't need people taking them all the time, giving themselves allergies, and creating super microbes.

But Contact lenses? You never hear of someone being admitted to the hospital because they had too many contact lenses. Handing them out to children probably would get you strange looks. And if I wanted to stop contacts all together, I could.. Well, at least until I killed myself by running into something I shouldn't have.

Is it to protect the idiots of this country (which outnumber the non-idiots by a considerable margin) ? Is it a way to keep eyedocs in business during a time when they're not really necessary?

Contacts should be more like cars and repairs. Sure, change your oil if you want to. It's cheaper, and if you know what you're doing, it works out great. If you fuck it up, that's your problem. Or you can pay someone else to make sure it's done right.

cell phone providers

alright...i have cingular and i'm pretty much fed up with them. i've had 3 different phones and i never have good reception, so i'm convinced that the service just sucks. i'm doing some investigating, but i'm curious as to what you guys have and if you are happy with what you have. by the way, i'm in nj.
tank girl

La petite apocalypse

Has anyone seen this movie by Costa-Gavras?
Or read the book?

I'm doing a paper on this movie; the concerns and issues of the times, about the present Europe, about the creator/filmmaker.
I was wondering if anyone was willing to exchange words with me on this topic.
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If I need to print something at Kinko's can I just e-mail it to myself, and then retrieve it there? Does it have to be in a special format or something? Their website is no help at all!

is it possible to teach myself how to use a sewing machine??

i have become interested in handmade clothes and purses.
or cutting up lame shirts and sewing them into cool halter tops.
but my issue is... no one has ever taught me how to sew.
i told my mom how i'm eager to try this
and she told me about how we have my grandmother's sewing machine.
we've actually have been using it as a piece of funiture becomes it comes like this:

of the lid/top down of course, but that's where the sewing machine is hidden.
my parents aren't gonna be home for a while but i'm really anxious about how to work it.
it's an old Kenmore sewing machine...

here are some Collapse )

if anyone can explain to me how to work it please do so!
i'm really anxious...
the only think i know to do is... to plug it in!
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I'm not sure how to word this question, so i'll do my best and hope someone gets it.

SO,you know that Honda commercial, with the split-screen. It shows the car revolving on the right side of the screen, and the owners head on the left. I guess the funny part of the commercial is that the owner looks like their Honda. So, there is a Honda for everyone.

Well, I was wondering, do any of you know where i can get the music from the commercial. Or do you know the name of the song. It's kind of like a music box, or a lullaby.

I Love It!
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I need help adding pictures.

Ok ,I am really frustrated now. How the hell do I add a picture onto one of my journal entries. I want to write about my daughter and I want to add a couple of pictures with it and I've tried everything. Well I least I thought I have so can someone please help me out here. I went to the site map, but obviously I ain't getting it so I guess I need someone to tell me as if they are telling a child.

Please help!!!
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panic hello

I have to write as much as I can of a 5000 word short story tonight(coffee hello). The thing is, I'm incredibly cynical, painfully angsty (but I don't want my story to be. that much.) AND a shit writer.

ANY tips/ avant garde forms I should try/ anything?

It will be marked by middle aged female english teachers. (my friends' slash didn't go down so well)

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Mexican currency exchanging?

Doing some housecleaning today, I came upon a lot more Mexican currency than I thought I had...and I’m wondering if someone here can tell me how much it would be worth, approximately, in dollars, and if it’d be worth exchanging it.

I have one bill here that’s 500 pesos. I have two coins that say “$50” and one coin that says “cincuenta centavos.”

(I used to be semi-fluent in Spanish, but that was many years ago... ;-))


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I found a phone number written on my binder today, so I was going to post it in my journal and ask if anyone knew who it belonged to, when I realized not everyone wants there phone number plastered on the net.


Whats your opinion on putting your personal information on the net? Will you give your real name and location? Do you put your number? Will you give your credit card number?

Just curious


Watching Ronin, but I missed the very first part. It had words on the screen and all I caught was "And they are known as . . . . RONIN"

Does anyone know what the first part said? or at least the jist of it?


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how are things like jell-o and marshmallows made from animals? can someone explain that to me? thanks. also, does that mean they're not vegetarian? and are there any other foods like this? thanks in advance!