May 30th, 2004


Working nine to five...

Why is it that when so many people work a 9-5 that so many places don't cater to our needs?
E.g. locally there are no blood donating clinics that I can get to, they are all on work days and only open until 5pm. The travel shops, where I got to get my bus pass so I can get to work don’t open till 9am and then shut at 5pm so I have to really rush to get to the nearest travel shop in time after work.

Also, why is it that at the weekends there is nothing good on TV, there is only ever sports or westerns.

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We're learning about sexual assault and self-defense and stuff in Health class, and I wondered about something.

One of the Ten Commandments says not to kill. What if it's completely a matter of self-defense? Does that still count?

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I feel stupid for not knowing this, but there is a video, it has the singer growing lots of hair, I thought the artist was soemthing like 'Peach' but apparently not, anyone have ANY idea what song I am talking about, because my brain seems to have totally shut down.

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Does anyone else think that superstar USA is really funny but so mean. I mean it must be really hard for the judges to sit there and say how amazing they are but will you feel bad for the contestants when they find out it was all a sham?
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Are there legal limitations to where an individual can set up a barbeque (i.e. aside from backyard or beach)? Details or link to explanatory site if possible... Thanks!

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When you have to cross the street, and you push that little button on the pole, does it actually do anything? It doesnt seem to speed up the change of the light, and if it does, it couldnt be that much of a difference could it?
Inner Beauty!

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What is/are your favorite book(s) to read and why?

I just want to get back into reading and I really want to look forward to some new books I've never heard of.

The Stranger by Albert Camus, translated by Matthew Ward - I read this during school this past year and I was blown away by the simplistic writing style that helped developed the main character. I see many stories that are written in this way by fanfic authors and I've never seen them work. Definitely a book to read with some nice, memorable sentences. Yay for existentialism.

I've already read 1-4 of Harry Potter and most of book 5 (I gave it to a friend in October for school and she never gave it back...I will never again loan any books to anyone)

I plan on reading The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. Enough said.

It doesn't matter what genre they are or how long. I'm open for anything.
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how do you like your ramen noodles? do you follow the directions on the package, or do it your own way?

i normally add lemon or lime juice to mine, and eat it while the noodles are still kinda crunchy.

does your job define you?

my friend often defines himself as a barista (person who makes coffee) i work at the same coffee shop, but i don't identify myself as a barista. it's just my job, it's not who i am...

what's a good, old school kraftwerk album? i have The Mix but i don't like it that much.