May 28th, 2004

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Digital Camera

I have a question about digital cameras. I understand what to look for in one but I'm wanting some feedback on brands and/or specific cameras.

I'm planning on using it mainly for posting pictures on the Internet and uploading to my computer and editing and whatnot. I'm wanting at least 4 MP and a fairly small camera that would be easy to keep with me in a purse or backpack. I'm hoping to spend less than $500 (more like $300 if possible) in the long run. What digital cameras do some of you own that you're quite happy with that you'd actually recommend to a total stranger?

I'm currently looking into a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T1 but I'm concerned it may be too much money for what little I may end up doing with it. I've also looked into a Kodak EasyShare DX4530 but I don't ever hear much feedback about Kodak digital cameras. Feedback please...
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In school, I know that it was possible to connect a teacher's computer to a tv, which then displayed on the TV screen everything that displayed on the computers's monitor. What would it take to accomplish this with a PC and a normal TV -- is it even possible?
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Perhaps this is a ridiculous question, but is there a way to grind coffee beans without a coffee grinder? Like some sort of cheap way? My roommate owned our household's coffee grinder, and it's disappeared leaving me coffeeless.
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(no subject)

to make a long story short.. I graduate high school tonight. at 7pm. and every graduate in the ceremony has to speak. doesn't matter how long, or whatever. as long as it's appopriate. me, being the not so big public speaker.. have still not though of something to say.

so now here's the question: WHAT DO I SAY? what would you guys attending a graduation think would be impressive to hear a girl say. however clever, short and sweet, long-winded or what have you that it is... I just have to say something. maybe a good quote. ANYTHING.

please take this seriously, and I apologize if this is lame but I'm desperate.
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Asked in a purely theoretical sense...

If one were to cook food in a car engine, where would one put it? About how long would one have to drive? I know truckers do it, but what would be the approximate cook time on a V-4 engine, much like the one on a Plymouth Sundance (which of COURSE is not my car, because this is, of course, purely theoretical)?

One for the girls...

Have any of you had any experience with Depo-Provera? What I am looking for is some idea of what we can expect when my fiance is coming off the treatment. She's been using it for several years, and now we're getting married, so she had her last shot almost 3 months ago. She would be due for the next one in a couple of weeks, but has decided not to continue any longer.
She's excited about going back to a normal cycle, but we're apprehensive about the side effects of discontinuing the hormones.
She's also worried about rapid weight changes...she wants to still fit into her wedding dress!
If you have ever gone off of the shot, what effects did you notice?

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All my books are packed in boxes and I have nothing to read. I'm going to make an emergency trip to the library before the holiday sets in - have anything to suggest to me? I like things like "Fahrenheit 451" and "Peace Breaks Out" and "I am the Cheese"...but anything will do :D

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I was inspired about the post about dates v. hanging out with your b/f or g/f.

I was wondered who is the more romantic in your relationship?

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Also whats the deal with all this spamming journals? I was in livejournal_uk and someone was warning everyone about a spam journal. Can anyone explain to me what this is?

(no subject)

I thought I posted a question, but it seems to have disappeared, so I'll try again.

Does anyone know any good on-line sites where I can get some info. re: managing a band? I have a line one some informative books, but I was trying to find a place where I could actively communicate with people, like communities on LJ...
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Oscar the Groutch problem...

Hi! For a final in my Calculus AB class, we must solve an optimization problem about a trash can. I would really appreciate any help that you can give. Thanks in advance!!! :D

The Problem
"You see, we rent out these 25 cubic yard dumpsters that are in the shape of a rectangular prism. The problem that we are trying to solve is what dimensions should we make these dumpsters so that the cost of producing them is minimum. The sides, back, and front are made of 12-gauge steel sheets, which cost $.70 per square foot. THe base is made from 10-gauge steel, which costs $.90 per square foot.Plastic hinged lids cost about $50 regardless of the dimensions. Welding costs approximately $.18 per foot for material and labor combined."

We know the basics of optimization, just we've never done it with 3 variables. Thanks again :)

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(no subject)

I got a speeding ticket on the Ohio turnpike last week, and couldn't find my insurance card. No biggie, the officer just said to send proof of insurance in with my ticket payment.

Other part being, the car is technically my mom's. . . . as in, I'm 22, but she said to put it under her name so she could put it under her name for insurance. I pay her the $50/month or so when I can (summer, and around getting my financial aid checks for school) for it.

So I went to call to get a replacement card today, and they say that all her stuff was cancelled this past December becuase she didn't pay it, and they don't know where she took her insurance. I dunno. I'm almost CERTAIN that I got an insurance card this past March. Like, 90% sure. And she never said anything to me.

So I called her and she said "Well talk about it when I get home from work." And then I semi-freaked out saying "Well, I'd just like to know if that's TRUE because I'll need to figure something out." and she said not to worry.

My question about all of this being, while I hope it's just a mistake in the papers at the insurance company. . . what if it's not? Have any of you dealt with this and know if there's any way I can get around having my license suspended for driving w/o insurance?
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Did swearing come from the French? Like, before some people swear they say, "Pardon my French..." So, did swearing come from them?
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I live in a nice suburban town in Upstate New York. All the black people I know are nice, and most don't feel like they have to "play the part", if you will. They act like the normal suburban people that they are, and everybody's happy.

Today, I was driving in the inner city for the first time in awhile. The entire time, black guys were yelling at me to get "out of their 'hood" (I'm not joking) and a couple of guys even ran out in the road, stopped in front of my car, and wouldn't move. They kept yelling awful things at me, etc etc etc. They finally got out of the road when they saw a cop coming, so I got out of there safely. But still, I'm a girl and I'm 5'0- I'm totally defenseless.

So, seriously, what's the deal? I'm fully aware of my country's disgusting racist past, but how does that give them any right to be harassing me like that? Why does racism justify racism?

Why can black comedians make fun of white people for hours on end, but if a white comedian made even the slighest generalization about black people, it'd be a hate crime?

Why do they have "African-American Scholarships"? How is that equality? To me, that's like saying "Despite the fact that this student is black, they have excelled in school! WOW!" What's the harm in giving a black kid a normal scholarship like everybody else?
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(no subject)

Thank you everyone who answered my last question. ^_^

Now 3 on school (in the US)...

1) I'm wanting to get an actual catalog from a university, but their web site doesn't have a request form for them, just the address to the Office of Admissions. So, seeing as I don't know any specific person this letter would be going to, how should I begin it? Should I go the "Dear _____" route? Or skip right into the asking for a catalog. Business letters were never my strong point.

2) Almost every school I look at (regardless of type) have some classes that I never took in their list of classes that you had to have taken in high school in order to be accepted. They weren't required for graduation back then & nobody at my high school really seemed to care if anyone took them or not. So, I guess my question would be.... Has anyone been in a similar situation and/or have any suggestions?

3) I already feel like I'm going to stick out like a sore thumb, so is anyone else an "adult" student (25+)... and are there any academic/financial advantages to being older? I've seen some catalogs mention about being 25 & over, but they don't go into any detail. I have no one to support but my own lazy self, so there's no children/family issues.
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cell phone question...

ok, this might sound a bit strange, so stay with me here:
i have Sprint PCS service, and one of those old (well, relatively- maybe 2 yrs old) Sprint LG flip-phones. i wasn't even aware that i had text messaging capability until one of my friends texted (is it a verb?) me a week ago.
now about ten minutes ago, my phone beeps to tell me i have a message, i check the "page/text" folder, and the text pops up "When are you going to be done?". I have no idea who this could be from, and that message makes no sense to me. My friend who texted me the first time would've signed her name like she always does.
My phone gives me the option of "extracting" the number, e-mail, or URL, but after I chose each of one those, my phone just says "Extracted", and then allows me to click on "Exit" and takes me back to my main menu.

Does anyone know how I can find out who sent me this message?

(sorry if this sounds paranoid, but thats me)

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You know that old Disney movie, The Lady & The Tramp? At the start of a movie there's a quote - something about dogs wagging tails. I can't for the life of me remember what it is - does anyone know?