May 27th, 2004

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Burbank, CA airport

Has anyone here ever slept there overnight? (I’m talking only about 5 - 6 hours.) Do they kick you out if you’re not sleeping there because you have to for a good reason, like a delayed flight?

Asking because I may just be cheap later this summer and not spring for a hotel one night. ;-)


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Have you ever had a real orgasm with just the use of your thoughts? I am talking about no physical uses of hands,toys and even vegetables and fruits?! haha.

My answer? Yes!
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What would be appropriate to wear to an interview at an animal shelter? The job consists of dog walking, kennel cleaning, paperwork, dropping off adopted animals at their new homes, picking up adoptees, bathing them, it's kinda a "dirty" job. Somehow I don't think dress clothes are!
Ville Valo

College...What to bring?

Ok, So I will be heading to College in August, but I need to start my list of stuff to bring now. I will be away for a month and a half, then have about a month to pack everything up.

Can people give me ideas/lists of things to bring???

Because I need to know what to bring so I don't pack it and put it into storage. Since my parents will be moving, I have to put all my extra stuff that I am not bring to college into storage, which suxors. I won't know my roommate until after I get back from vacation.

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Whoever is really nifty with you have a font that you would call classic gothic (as in the gothic subculture characterized by much black eyeliner and melancholy) it free, and if so, where could I download it?
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Hey, does anyone know the rules and regs to playing the card game "Gin"?
Also directions. I dunno if thats what a regulation is, but I'm putting directions just in case its not the same thing.
I really wanna know how to play "Gin". It sounds freakin' fun.
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how do you suppose the meaning of the wink came about? like, it can indicate playfulness, it can be a request for someone to play along with some joke you're playing, etc . . .

made-up answers/blind guesses welcome!