May 26th, 2004

Kitty Lick
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Cats and kittens.

I have a male cat who has mated with a stray female. She's very timid, and from her behavior, I'm starting to think she may have been abused.

Are there any tips or tricks for getting the female more comfortable around me and my family?

She'll come up near me when I lay food out for her and sit close by, but she will not let anyone touch her at all. I'd like to keep her as a pet. She's not violent and quite pretty, and there's no visible sign that she's unhealthy. I should take her to the vet, but I don't want to try to until she's more comfortable around people.

Also, she and my cat had kittens about a month ago, but the female gave birth to them out in the woods, and I haven't been able to find them. (I live out in the country, and the woods extend forever.)

When would the kittens start walking around and needing to eat solid foods? Should I wait for the kittens to find their way to the house? Would they follow the momma cat here, since there's food out for them?

Thanks ahead of time.

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Does anyone know of places online to order christian parody shirts. Maybe on landoverbaptist, but maybe someone here has something specific in mind.

For instance - there's a shirt that has an egg frying in a pan that says "This is your brain in hell." Which I guess is a nice rip on the this is your brain on drugs thing of the 80s.

So what I'd be looking for is something that had

This is your brain in hell.


Mmmmmmm.. Hell.

Anyone? :)
my creation on that web site

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Ok the last few days I've been at my computer most of the day and it seems that sometimes the windows shake. I have my glasses on and it mostly does it with my windows media player. Am I going crazy or is something really wrong with my comptuer?
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I want to take my washing machine with me when I move house. Is this a complicated manouevre? Do I need to do any plumbing or is it just a matter of disconnecting everything?

Anyone know a good website whith diagrams of such things? I'm in the UK, if that makes any difference to plumbing conventions or whatever.

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Give me the money

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Nowadays, it seems that electronic cash registers have removed the need/ability to do basic mathematics in our heads. So, when I get change back from a purchase, the cashier (having been told by the register that my change is, say, $3.73) hands me the paper money and then POURS the coin money on top of it. This invariably results in dropping the coins all over the place and/or being unable to properly put the money away in your wallet without grappling with coins, cash, purchases, wallet, and people glaring behind you waiting for you to step away from the register. Worse when you are at a drive-thru, and the change just falls to the ground.

My questions are:

Does this annoy anyone else?

Why do cashiers do this? When did they start?
Ahh! Babies!


Is anyone here a dietician who can tell me how to have more energy? I don't care at all about losing weight. I'm a normal body weight. I get 7 - 8 hours of sleep everynight and 10 a night on the weekends but I'm still constantly tired and exhusted all the time. I always feel like I need a nap by the afternoon. There's nothing physically wrong with me so I figure I must need some specific diet change. I eat a lot of meat and potatoes, no green veggies, lots of bread, cheese and pasta. I usually have a bagel or a banana or toast for breakfast. Lunch is usually subway or a sandwich place like Panera. I do like sweet stuff but not candy so much as chocolate chip cookies or ice cream. About once a week, I'll eat greasy food like Pizza or burgers. Energy is a really big problem for me. I never seem to have it even when I'm not doing very much and not stressed at all. So is there some specific diet change I need to get more energy? Any ideas?

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I know this is something I need to discuss with some sort of financial planning person, but I'm interested in personal opinions/stories before I go further.

I'll soon be inheriting a nice house in a quiet neighborhood in what is considered to be the nicest, safest town in the county. My grandmother has owned this house for about 50 years; needless to say, it holds immeasurable sentimental value for me.

However, I won't be living in this state (maybe even not this country) for at least four years. I can't imagine selling away so many memories, so I was thinking about renting the house while I'm away. I'm not at all in need of money, but it seems like that would be an easy source of disposable income.

Is there a lot of work involved with being a landlady?

Is this something I will be able to do from far away?

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I've been a little obsessed with my near death experience I had at work on Monday and this is what's bugging me --

When people almost die, they come back feeling rejunated about life and have the urge to improve or try to do things they'd miss. I didn't feel any of those things.

Why didn't I have an epiphany?

Basically, I'm just annoyed that I have to deal with face scars right now.


What's the point of saying that you cross-posted something? How is that helpful to anyone? Like if I said "cross-posted to thequestionclub and my journal", why would anyone care?

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Does anyone know of any freeware that can convert .vob files to .mpeg or .avi? The ones that offer free trials will only convert up to 5 minutes. Thanks!
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summer = LJxcore

i'm finally out of school
and i've been joining these rating communities.
i keep getting "no"s and "eyeliner, use it" comments.
i find it quite amusing because off the net,
guys find me attractive.
rating communities = lame

what are some other fun communities i should join over the summer instead?
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What are all the various communities that the LiveJournal staff and developers run? I keep seeing new features added to the site and would like to see the official announcements when they come out.

(For example, that "freeze" button on comments - what the hell does that do? And when did paid users get 15 icons and why didn't I notice?)
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