May 25th, 2004


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This is a nigh-impossible quest, and that's why I'm bringing it here.

I need a swim suit with a high back that will cover my little shoulder tattoo (shown in icon) for when I swim around my tattoo-hating mom. URLs to online stores would be v. sweet.

Help !
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totally new question... can anyone help me with guys?

Why is that you like a guy they don’t like you. Fine you move on with your life not the end of the world. Then you do and you meet someone perfect(well no one is perfect but you know what I mean) and they start to like you to, great.
Then the first guy tells you he is into you now and expected you to put your life on hold until he got his act together and realized what an amazing girl you really are.
What do you do?
Am I crazy?
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whats the difference between pound and canadian dollars? I mean, i know the difference, but lets say something is 10 pounds. how many dollars is that? and is there some way to remember it? (i.e. cut it in half and add it to the original amount)
Embrace Diversity

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I went to an area restaurant two times last week. One time was for a pick-up order and the other time I ate there. I went there yesterday and I am tempted to go again today, but I am unsure of whether that would look bad or not. The reason I want to go so often is because I am crushing on a boy that works there. My best friend is manager, but she didn't work yesterday. Should I go or not?

I always eat a salad too, therefore I don't feel so bad about eating out so much.

The boy that I am crushing on is the best friend of my friend's brother. in other words, I have known this boy for years.
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does anyone know how tampon machines, condom machines, etc. in public areas are run, are the machines rented, do they have to contain what the company puts in them or can they simply be restocked with another make and how much would it take to change the machine to another make?

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So im thinking about moving to America / UK

would it be better that i start my degree there? or finish it in australia?

would they even recognise an australian degree (in human resources?) over there?
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Gameboy Advanced Commercial Song

Does anyone know the name of that song in the Gameboy Advanced (I think) commercial with the boy playing in an urban setting and there's all sorts of swirlies around him? It's a remix, I believe and a woman singing. I think she might be saying, "I get high, I get high..." It's been driving me nuts and I really need to know so I can go download it. Thanks!

military questions...

ok, can someone explain to me how entering into either The Citadel or the Virginia Military Institute is different than going into West Point?
Like I know that when you go to West Point, you're also entering into the U.S. Army and are bound to serve (I think) 6 years - meaning, when you graduate, you still have another two years to serve in the Army. And so I'm thinking that if you go to the Citadel or VMI, those are private military training you're not really going into the U.S.'re just getting military training....
Any help?

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do either iDVD or DVD Studio Pro support VOB format?

and if not,
what's a good [free] DVD ripping program and where can i find it?

and no copyright lectures, please. this is my own work... i need to rip it from one DVD into a non-weird format so it can be burned to another DVD. right now it's in VOB format, and i don't trust that to be compatable with any other programs i might be using to make a DVD portfolio...
Ahh! Babies!


Why do babies poop neon green? Even when they have not started on jar food yet, and all they have is formula, their poop is still bright green. Why is that?

internet spasms

everyday i'll go on the internet... minding my own business... and i'll go to lj and suddenly it'll switch over to random website like "bidclix" or whatnot. i'll click the "back button" and it'll take me back to lj but then in a split second it'll go back to "bidclix!" This'll go on for about 4 times and then it'll let me do my daily LJing... but 5 minutes later, it'll do it again!!

what's up with that??
and how do i make it stop??
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In a few weeks I'll be having knee surgery, and I'll be off from work for at least two months. Instead of wasting my two months, I think I would like to learn something.

Is there some useful thing I can learn (or at least get a pretty good understanding of) in two months? I've thought about a computer language or some sort of graphics program, but I'm not all that artistically inclined. Any suggestions?