May 23rd, 2004

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Nickelodeon has made money off of many oozy substances over the years.. Slime, goo, and gak are three of them, but I can't remember the rest. Can anyone help me out?

Marlboro Cigarettes

Marlboro cigarettes manufactured by Philip Morris are, to my knowledge, not sold in Canada, at least everywhere I've been in Canada. And yet every country I've been to outside of Canada has them. Are there any other countries like Canada that don't have Marlboro cigarettes widely available?
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Wierd Sega device I saw at Goodwill

I'm trying to track down info on some device put out by Sega, its white, has three bulbs on it. Appears to have a small speaker on it. There are no extrernal connectors except for power, and the only obvious control is the power switch- it *appears* to be controlled by waving your hands over the bulbs. Anyone got a clue what I'm talking about?

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When having an attack brought on by hypoglycaemia – i.e. sugar level too low, or sugar level too high too fast – what is the best thing to eat to try and get your sugar level to a nice safe level?

creased shirts

My work uniform has white collared shirts. They are cotton.

No matter how well i iron them, they never iron properly. Ive tried steam iron. Spraying water bottle. Using ironing spray. They still have faint creases all through.
They are the type of shirts that crease as soon as u touch them, that i guess cant be fixed.

But does anyone know a good way of ironing so they at least start with no creases?
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Is any one else having problems with angelfire? The images that I have hosted there aren't showing up, and it's not a bandwidth problem.


What site should I use instead of angelfire to host my images, and what should my new layout be of?

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so my friend and i have decided that we are both lazy slobs and it's about time we get some exercise. so we plan to start jogging.
for starters, how long and how many times a week should one do this in order to benefit from it?


I expect I'll need to hire a lawyer/solicitor some day (hehh... not to be too pessimistic ;). And I'm curious...

Are there any good ways to choose one? Are there official success rates available, or (even better) a list of the kind of cases they take (ethical cases vs. monetary cases, etc)?

I'm in the UK, so if you have any specific tips for the UK, that'd be great. But anything would be great :)


i just got a retainer a week or so ago... and ive noticed that it smells fruity. kinda grapey kinda fruit punch. you know, generic like that. i wash it every morning when i take it out... but always with the fruit smell. i dont think my breathe is quite flavored that way... is my retainer scented or something??
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why do people treat dan brown's the da vinci code as fact, when,in reality, it's a work of fiction and when at least three (#1,#2, #3)books have been written that disprove a lot of what brown said? can anyone here give me an insight into why people are going crazy over this book?
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1. Can animals understand the language their species uses at birth?
For instance, do puppies understand barking when they're born, or do they learn it over time like humans do?

2. I have a research paper to write and I can't make myself do it. What are some ways you motivate yourself to do things you don't want to do?
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I just discovered that Ralph Nader is, as usual, running for president this year. Normally I wouldn't care, but it seems like this election is one where the liberals/Democrats really need to rally behind one candidate (at this point, seems like John Kerry is our man) in order to kick Bush the hell out of the White House.

I wouldn't say that a vote for Nader is a vote for Bush, but certainly a vote for Nader is one less vote for Kerry.

What do you guys think? Should Nader take this one for the team, or does it not matter that he's running?

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Is there any sleep-like benefit from just lying with your eyes shut? Not sleeping, just resting. I know you need sleep, too, but if you're tired in the middle of the day but don't have the time for a nap, would just closing your eyes for twenty minutes or so refresh you in the same way sleep does, if not to the same extent?

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I have to do work experience for school and I'm trying to think of somewhere weird/interesting to do it. I'm into: non-religious charities/ leftwing orginisations/ art/ general weirdandinteresting things. I live in Sydney, but does anyone have any general suggestions (like, say, "blimp pilot" or "roadside philosopher") ? Or more specific ones?
Thank you!
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