May 22nd, 2004

Glinda: "Bibbity bobbity boo!" o_O

There's a few birthdays coming up, and I have the most extravagant gift ideas. Anyone know where I can buy ruby slippers or glass slippers that could actually be worn? Of course, I'm not shelling out thousands of dollars for rubies, but I mean reasonable replicas. Fangirl friends are hard to please. :P

Gay Proms

I am always hearing this talk about gay proms, but in different states. Would anyone know if there are any gay proms in Chicago or just anywhere in Illinois?

Thanks in advance.
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Since I've had my car, I've driven past three of those giant speed thingies ("You're going 35"), and all three times, it told me I was going at least five mph slower than what my odometer read.

Which is most likely the wrong one- my odometer, or the speed thingy?

Also, I drive a 4 cylindar Dodge Neon, which you'd think would be easy on gas. However, it seems like I go through gas way too easily.

Is it possible that the gas-ometer (I'm so stupid, sorry) is wrong? When I get a full tank, the needle points waaay past the F, so could the same be true for the opposite- it won't really be empty until the needle is far past the E?

My fuel light has never come on, even when the needle is right on the E line.


I am subletting an apartment for this summer (June 1st-July 31st) before I move out of the city (Chicago) in the fall. The apartment is nice, however, there is no internet right now. I dont think that I would be able to live without high speed internet. Right now we have comcast internet. I guess what I would like to know is if I would be able to install any kind of high speed internet in the apartment for just the two months.

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hi! im a new member!

i was just wondering. if you weighed 149kgs (328pounds). how long would it take for you to lose 49kilos?
say i wanted to rush and lose all of it. regardless of what people say, it being unhealthy and it will come back double etc?

is 7-8 months enough ? with 5 days of my local gym :-)

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What does a pill (such as Ibuprofen/Asprin etc) actually do? Or how do they work, would be a better question. Do they provide antibodies to kill off whatever is causing the pain and protect your immune system? Or do they simply block nerves so that while the pain is still there, you can't feel it? Anyone know?

Song Artists

Can anyone tell me who wrote the following three songs?

- The Entertainer (it's a famous piano piece)
- That's Amoré (it's a traditional Italian song, played all the time - it goes something like "When the sun hits your eyes, something something, something something, that's Amoré!")
- There's another song that I don't know the name of, but here's a snippet of the lyrics:

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Thanks! :)

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What would be best for me to create one of those AMV (anime music videos) you know. where they mix songs with anime footage?

but i wouldnt do it with anime, im doing it with something else

would i use adobe premier or something?
something with good fade in and fade out effects :)

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Is there some better saying for "assume," instead of "...making an ASS of U and ME." Since it's only making that other person an ass, er, how could it be better phrased while still retaining the ME?

[edit: added question]

I want to dye my hair grey. But...?