May 21st, 2004


do you own a pair of birkenstocks?
if so, how do you feel about them?
are they as comfortable as i have heard?
are they worth the investment?

i am just wondering because i hate wearing regular shoes, so i often wear sandals. i bought a pair of off-brand birk-ish sandals, and they were comfortable but now they are getting past their prime. i would love to buy another pair of these sandals, but would rather buy birkenstocks if they are worth it and if i get my money's worth.

i checked out their website, but i wonder also, has anybody had any problems with them?


(no subject)

What are the free websites available out there? I only know of geocities and angelfire. Are there any others that are truly free (some say they are free but only for a month or something)? And which one would you suggest as the best?

tank girl

Wings (x-posted)

I'm trying to create a bug robot from scratch and I'm trying to figure out the best way to make the wings. I'm dissecting another toy robot so I got wings..but they dont move. Thats not the point.

I have seen butterfly bugs with moving wings but those are made with muscle wire. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas involving a motor to make the wings move? Any system of gears that would at least make the wings move using the energy from a motor?

I dont know if I made this clear at all, but any suggestions (tested or not, because I can find a way as long as I have an idea) would be very appreciated.
tank girl


Does anyone else know any good sites like or something that allow you to see apartments?

I'm house-hunting and I was wondering what are good places to look in order to find a place to live?
Btw, I'm in NYC if that changes matters any.

Btw--I'm just really full of questions today, arent I? (dont answer that)
  • kit_n

Working out

I worked out pretty hard the other day... I'm WICKED sore... I'm suppose to work out every other day, and today I am suppose to.. but I am SO sore...Should I wait until my muscules totally heal? Or grin and bare it?


Is there a free and accurate place online you can go to test your IQ? Google brings up about a billion choices, so I'm hoping someone here can help narrow it down.

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Could someone please explain the difference between Democrats and Republicans? And also Liberals and Conservatives.

Lately in one of my classes (of which I'm the only girl), two guys have taken to calling me a liberal and they apparently think its bad.

I would also like unbiased facts, because from them, I got, "Democrats are stupid and Republicans are good". *rolls eyes* Yeah. thats helpful..

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I'm thinking of going to london in feb (it'll be winter then right?)

i want to go for 2 weeks, i've been to london before, but i was really young.

what i want to ask is, how much spending money do i need? (around 2k a week?)
also, does anyone know of any good hotels? 4 to 4 1/2 stars? :)

thanks! :)

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Is there a type of bird that looks like a blackbird but is white, or can you get albino blackbirds?
On the way to work this morning I saw a flash of white in front of me, I looked into the direction it had flown, through a fence and saw a bird that looked like a blackbird however was pure white with a few black patches on it's wings/tail feathers. I wasn’t aware birds could be albino but I swear this was a white blackbird.

is this for real?

so my friend swears that there's this airline where you can show up the day you want to travel and the tickets only cost around $55 each way. i think she's getting this confused with the concept of stand-by tickets, but she swears this is a real thing. so is it?