May 20th, 2004


Who's not really dead

Is there anyone famous who is reported to be dead that you TRULY believe isn't dead? People have said that Elvis Presley, Tupac Shakur, etc who died young just faked their deaths to drop out of the spotlight.

Me: No, and I would like to state for the record that Elvis Presley IS dead. Although I do have a friend who genuinely believes that Tupac is alive and has a tattoo of his name on his bicep.
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XM radio

Does anyone here use XM radio? I want to get it for work, but am not sure about the quality. I've been listening to streaming online radio, but they have a lot better options on their network, including comedy shows. Also it's satellite so the company can't ever bitch about me using it on the company internet connection.

But before I buy a 50 dollar computer receiver, and 10 dollars a month, I'd like to know anyone's opinions on it. Also if you work in a 7 story large office building, will the reception suffer?

Thanks for all replies.
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(no subject)

I've found a couple of jobs I'm interested in in the newspaper, and they all say to fax my resume. I've never faxed a resume before. Do I just fax the resume or do I need a cover page or what? If I do need a cover page, what does it need to say?

Decisions, decisions.

My one-year anniversary with my tree-hugging hippie boyfriend is coming up in about a month.

I have a few options as to what to get him and am wondering which would be the best.

Option A is to buy him tickets to the All Good Festival that's coming up this July. A lot of his favorite bands will be there. Tickets are very pricey, so if I bought him one, that's probably all I could afford to get him.

Option B is to NOT get him tickets, but get him something else... and if I didn't get him tickets, I could use that money and buy him a lot of little stuff.

I'm leaning towards Option A, but I wanna make sure I get him something really good 'cause he deserves it. :)
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Job Quest

What is a good online source for researching a career path for a specific college major?

My major is Public Administration (poli sci/mgmt area) and I know the general concept of what types of careers can be had with that degree. However, I'm at a loss for what specific types of jobs are geared towards that career.

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(no subject)

Posting this question for a friend.

If you have a 1974 Corvette that came originally with emissions regulatory equipment (minimal) and now no longer possesses it, could the car be inspected and pass under NJ state law in accordance with the NJ Clean Air Act, due to its age, or would it need equivalent equipment to what it originally possessed?
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Ok so I have these horrible panic attacks that continue to come to me every time I go to work and whatnot, causing me not to be able to work.

I actually tried working and I had this awful panic attack and had to leave the business early and quit.

My question is does anyone know of any online legit jobs I can get?
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House numbers

Are there any legal problems with changing your house numbers? Mine had faded and I thought about being funny and making my house number "666" or pi out to 10 digits.

I'm sure this would make it impossible for delivery people to find my house, but would I get in any legal trouble?
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Voice acting?

So, for the longest time, I have been interested in being a voice actor. This has only been reaffirmed by the support of my acting teacher, so this daydream is fast becoming a goal. Does anyone here have any experience in this field, and if so, could you give me some advice? :D

I will, of course, be researching this in the weeks to come, but right now I'm just curious as to your personal stories.
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do you have pictures???

Does anyone have any good picture(s) of any recognizable landmarks (buildings, statues, etc) from Massachusetts, DC, and/or New York? I'm looking for pictures without any people in them and they can't just be off of any old website. The picture(s) will be going in a publication for Cambridge University Press of Asia, so I can't run the risk of taking any that might be copywritten. I'd prefer picture(s) that any of you may have if you could please help me out and post them in a reply to this post or e-mail them to me at i'd greatly appreciate it. Thanx!

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Question of Wages

I have a deal pending to create and maintain a website for a small church in Manhattan. I have no clue what the going rates are for these things, and what I should be charging for. Can anyone give me some ballpark figures and advice as far as budget and strategy goes?
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(no subject)

ok i'm trying to capture video onto my computer. i've done it before so i know it's possible. i have a VCR connected by AV cables to this Pinnacle Systems box thingy, which connects to my computer. i'm running adobe premier. i can't capture anything. the VCR is not talking to the computer, the computer says there is nothing there. why is it doing this? how do i get it to work?

(no subject)

In the movie Chicago, towards the end where Velma Kelly is trying to convince Roxie Hart to do a double act with her, Roxie says, "No, because I hate you" and Velma says "There's only one business in the world where that's not a problem".

What did Velma mean by this? I don't get it and it's driving me insane.