May 19th, 2004

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this is a question in general.. not for me I am not bipolar.. I am just wondering how moods change so often.. can anyone help me?

Why is it that one day you can feel really really happy, good mood, good feelings about yourself etc and then the next day really really sad? This feeling of so sad that it is to a point of loneliness, self-doubt and feelings of low?
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all the married people out there

more than one question here:

1a. Did you have a honeymoon right after the ceremony
b. if so then where?

2. married/engaged ladies Did you get a big "rock" (bling bling- i.e. diamond) initially? or or are you still waiting or or are you never expecting one or or did you get a better one at ten year or something like that (i know a very nice girl who got a chip then a pebble and she's waiting for the 25th anniversary for the rock. i kind of like to progression thing going on)?
married/engaged fellas did you do any of the above? did you put off "popping the question" until you could afford a nice ring?
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check cashing

I have a personal check written out to me and I really really need the money. My bank doesn't clear personal checks immediately, so...

Can I take it to the bank the check is from to cash it? Even if it's a different branch?
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stock photos

Is it possible to find truly free stock photos that don't have watermarks? I've been to sorces like and, but none of them have pictures that I can use without subscribing and buying them.

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So I was all happy about going to the States for a vacation, and then I realized I couldn't drink. Are there any other countries in the world where the legal drinking age is 21? Canada is 18 or 19 depending on the province, and I think the UK, Australia, and New Zealand are 18 or 19. Are there any countries where you can drink legally before you are 18?

Do you have to be 21 to buy cigarettes in the States? How about lottery tickets and porn?

Also, is there a reason why the American government will send its children off to die in foreign countries before they are allowed to drink? Is alcohol really more harmful than guns or bombs (or cigarettes)?

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So, I was cutting kiwis with a brand new, very sharp knife about an hour ago. I got distracted and ended up cutting a very large chunk out of my finger. Although, the skin hadn't come off. I washed it off and put a couple of bandaids on it. It's still bleeding and still hurts from the nice kiwi juice. :) Should I be worried that it's still bleeding a lot? Will the skin that hasn't been cut all the way off heal back to my finger or do I need to cut it off somehow and allow new skin to form? Could the juices from the kiwis have infected it or did it go away after I ran my finger under some water? What's a good way to keep it from throbbing and twitching?
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AHH! So I tried to create a new user account on my family imac. I learned how to do it at school so I did it here. It worked fine. I was on my account writing my research paper for my french class. All of sudden, AppleWorks just up and quits. It does this every once in awhile, so I try to open it again. It won't open. This thing comes up and says "The Application "AppleWorks" could not be launched because of a shared library error: *- <>*". So I got off my user account, and went on the main one. I tried to do it there. Wouldn't open. I restarted the computer. Wouldn't open. So now we have nothing to write on. My family is really pissed. Especially my brother. COULD ANYBODY PLEASE TELL ME WHAT MIGHT HAVE HAPPENED????? I am so desperate!