May 18th, 2004


timon and pumbaa

I used to have this tape with some lame cartoon, and at the end there were 3 episodes of Timon and Pumbaa. Note, not the Lion King versions, but the separate Timon and Pumbaa episodes. I remember one of them was about the Speedy Snail and the french cuisine, another one about Pumbaa's russian uncle Boris.. Anyone knows what I'm talking about?.. I am pretty sure there are more of those episodes, although none of my friends know about them...

So basically I was wondering if anyone heard of it before. Were they aired on TV? If so, when?
Can I buy them on VHS/DVD? eBay maybe?

On a related note, I wanted to buy a few seasons of my favorite TV show. Where should I go? I wouldnt mind buying used copies, because
1) Its not that much of a treasure anyway, not like I'm gonna watch it every day :P
2) All new copies would cost me a fortune.

So.. Is something like eBay an option? I would rather not buy online though (ie. not use a credit card). But if its working out way cheaper then I might consider that. I live in Canada by the way.

Any suggestions whatsoever?..
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I've seen people lock entries to a certain community (like this one), but as far as I know, you can only lock entries to friends, yourself (private), or a custom group of friends, not an entire community. How does one do that?

Or am I just confused?
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(no subject)

I've had very long and very heavy hair for a long long time. My mom would always put it in tight, heavy braids..
So over ..oh..14ish years of this treatment I've developed quite a nasty part going down the middle of my head. I mean it's not balding or whatever, looks like a normal part, but I'm trying to get rid of it.
I thought cutting my hair and getting bangs would help it, but now my bangs are split down the middle and I can't get them to settle in a neat horizontal line across my forehead.

Has anyone handled this problem before or can they offer me some tips?

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Does anyone else drive a Volvo? If so, what year is it and how many miles does it have? Mine's a 1991 740 wagon and it has 153,000 and I'm hoping it has many more healthy miles left in it...
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to watch Buffy, or not to watch Buffy....

So, season 6 of Buffy is being shipped to me at the end of this month, and should be here by the 28th. I have not seen 6 or 7 yet, and I'm dying to do so. However, the TV networks just made the cycle through all the seasons, and tonight they're showing the first episode of season 6. Should I watch it, or should I just wait until I get my damn DVDs?
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1. Y a-t-il autre que des compagnies de télévision par satellite aux USA le Dish et le DirecTV?

2. Si oui, y en a-t-il qui portent les canaux canadiens?
1. Are there any satellite tv companies in the US other than Dish and Direc TV?

2. If so, do any of them carry Canadian channels?
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I'm making a cd of sex songs, and was wondering if anyone could recommend some songs, and also where to download them.
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Also, if anyone could tell me where I can download Bad Touch, that'd be awesome. I don't download music (never have before) so I don't know where to go :X

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Why is it that one day you can feel really really happy, good mood, good feelings about yourself etc and then the next day really really sad? This feeling of so sad that it is to a point of loneliness, self-doubt and feelings of low?
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Petition online

Does anyone know whether petition online is actually any good?
I'd imagine for real life issues it may not work, but say if you were wanting to put pressure on a web site to change something that is objectable could it be useful for making a change - in theory?
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(no subject)

Does anyone have some good links to sites where I can find out certain things about my birthday? Like the number one song, or what the stock market was doing that day?

I already tried