May 17th, 2004

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geico music

There is a Geico commercial that shows dogs with their heads out of car windows, enjoying the ride.
That commercial has this whistling tune that is stuck in my head and sounds mesmerizing.

Is it an actual song, or one that was made specifically for that commercial. If it's an actual song, what's the title?

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OK, I may have the opportunity for another position. I am already in the state, and this is another state position, only it'll be a temp until someone moves on in the agency- usual wait time is a year.
Perks: $5K more a year
- no paying for parking ($25 a month)
-parking next to where I work ( I have to drive to a lot and then park now)
- better, friendlier work environment

- no paid holidays until I become permanent
- no health insurance until I become permanent.

The lack of holidays I can work out for now. Its the health insurance that bothers me. I know I can Cobra for 18 months, but that seems so expensive.

Does anyone have any suggestions or experiences buying their own policies that they can share?

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What would you do if you had 'all the time in the world' or just 'more time'?

I would read all the books ever writen, and write some myself.
Travel the world.
Watch lots of films (all those I've been meaning to watch)
See my friends more often and drink copius amounts of coffee.

Ideally, a mixture of all all 4!
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i was glancing at a book on handwriting analysis the other day and i was wondering how easy it would be to analyze my own since it differs by the day. i make my y's in several different ways, same with g's, a's, m's, w's, etc. they don't always look the same, i don't have any rules. i even sign my name differently sometimes if it's not an important document or banking-related. i never felt like i settled on a signature and i think mine's pretty childish looking. the other month i decided to change the way i made my 4's and i enjoyed doing it, just like back in elementary school when you're first learning how to write. i'm 23 now. does anyone else do this or am i just nutty?

Brown v Board of Education question

I'm sure you all have heard that today is the anniversary of the historic Brown v. Board of Education decision that did away with the "separate but equal" schools. Which, as we know were quite un-equal.

My question: There were separate schools for whites and blacks, but where did the people of other races (hispanic, native american, asian, etc) go to school? What of people of mixed race?

Just curious.
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I am badly sunburnt. I am lobster-red on my shoulders and knees, and it's kind of painful. I've iced it down some, and put on some aloe vera

Do you know of any other relief vs. sunburn? I'd be grateful
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I will be interviewing for a job in a few days and I am slightly out of practice. I have been with the same employer since I graduated from college and any suggestions on the following questions would be very helpful.

1. What types of questions do you think employers would like to hear from interviewees?

2. If a job offer was made and you wished to respectfully decline the offer to continue searching, what is the best way to handle that situation?

Spell check is our friend

Why would anybody choose to post anything without having LJ spell check it first? I know that doesn't work when replying to comments by e-mail, and not too well for comments in general, but for initial posts, it's quite easy to spell check. Why would anyone forgo this option?

Note: this is not directed at anyone in particular, just something I've wondered for some time.


Can you think of a song that represents any of the following sins? Sloth, wrath, or lust.

Can you think of any songs that aren't true? (Such as: Everybody Wants to Rule the World, All You Need Is Love, One is the Lonliest Number …)

Can you think of any songs that represent culture/art going away? (Such as: Video Killed the Radio Star, Radio Ga-Ga (by Queen) )

Thank you very much, verily.
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What do you guys think the lyric "She's a brick and i'm drowning slowly / off the coast and I'm headed nowhere" means in the song "Brick" by Ben Folds Five?

I know the song is about abortion, but I can't decypher that lyric!

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