May 16th, 2004



After amusingly being trapped in a belt today (it involved a wrench and lots of prying -- don’t ask; I’ll probably elaborate later and then edit the post, though), have you ever experienced being trapped in an article of clothing? What happened, and how did you get out? :-)
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There's a TV movie that I remember from in the 1980s. It showed on TV a few times, and I remember watching it in one of my classes in elementary school.

A cambodian girl, maybe six or seven, is adopted by an American family. She has to learn how to cope with being in a new country. I remember a few scenes, but not the name. In one scene, she loses her adoptive mother's wedding ring down the sink and panics. In another, towards the end of the movie, she's in a spelling bee.

Does anybody have any idea what it is? Sorry I don't have more information, but it's been maybe 15 years since I saw it!


Why do women wear bras?
I'm thinking I should go braless because I can't remember any important reason why I should wear a bra on a daily basis. The only exception being vigorus vertical motions, because as far as I can remember they can start to hurt without a sports bra.
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in mid-june, i'm going camping with about eight or nine friends. we'll be at a state run campground, on the beach, in connecticut, for three nights.
i haven't been camping in a couple of years, and this is my first time with friends (and not family) so what type of things should we do? (games,etc)
and what should we bring? (that goes for food, too; i don't really know what types of food would be better than others - also, we probably won't get a chance to shop while we're there, so we'll need three days worth)

any other general camping advice?

Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea


I see movie, human being, musicals, video games, books, songs, cities, anime, food, body parts, etc... “claims” journals.

What is the appeal of “claiming [insert something here]”?

I’m not anti-claims; I just don’t understand their appeal or purpose.

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My mom has always told me to drink a lot of orange juice whenever I have a cold. But my friend Aaron says that its worse for your throat and sinuses. So why does my mom tell me to drink it? Does it do anything positive?
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I have to fill out some info release form for this job I just got. One of them said if i signed it, if i come up with any idea while I'm there, they take full credit for it. Another one said if i signed they have the right to put my image, voice, or my "likeness" appeared publically.

If i don't agree to these things, and don't sign it, would they not let me have the job? Would it affect anything?
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