May 15th, 2004


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Is there a standard highbeam flash for warning moose, warning police, and the general "turn off you highbeams, jerk"?

I usually do a twice-flash for the turn off your highbeams deal, but for warnings I get scared and do it like three times, and then people hate me. Like tonight, I saw a moose and got scared for the other cars so I went crazy. AHH!
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Cigarette questions

On the foil inside of packs of luckies is has 'L.S./M.F.T.'
The 'L.S.' part I assume is Lucky Strikes however what does the 'M.F.T.' stand for, is it another associated company?

In the U.K. they have big notices on the cigarette packs, also now on the 'dummy' packs (when the law first came around the 'dummy' packs didn't have those notices so you were only aloud to sell them if you took the outer packing off first), do they have these big signs on cigarettes in other countries?
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I'm interested in possibly renting a mobile home in a trailer park somewhere in central New Jersey. I am not having much luck with search engines for this type of thing.... anyone know where online is a good place to search for this type of listing?
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I've been using Verizon DSL for quite a while now..but I heard that I can get cable for that same 40/50 that I'm paying now and it will be faster.

Can anyone recommend any good cable providers? Hopefully something you had first-hand experience with (and you tried other services).

But there is no package that gives you cable internet and tv in one is there?

If you would be kind enough to throw in prices as well as services, I would appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.
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do you have coffee mugs to suit your moods?

i do.
i've got a ravenclaw mug for when i'm feeling british (meaning, i grab it and head over to a friend's house for tea) or geeky
an animenation mug when i'm feeling upbeat
a mug with countrified cats and butterflies on it when i'm feeling traditional or guilty
a disney villians mug when i'm feeling cranky
a couple of plain, large mugs when i'm blah or heading to work or school
i gank my dad's thick old-fashioned mug from some pancake house in another state when i'm in the mood for a road trip

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why is college so expensive?

why is it that if i want a good education, i have to be willing begin my adult life $35,000 in debt?

i work with a girl who's $60,000 in the hole.
that's a year's wages if you're lucky.


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For anyone who's seen Charlies Angels 2 - remember the motorbike scene, where they're at the bike racing pit trying to protect that kid? Can you tell me what the name and/or artist of the song that plays while they're there is?

Bird egg...

I recently found a little blue bird egg, but there was no nest around. I have no incubator and assume they cost a is there anything that I can do to help it hatch??? Please help ASAP!!
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dancing shoes?

My sneakers are literally falling apart, next week I'm replacing them. Budget is about 50 dollars tops. So, given that the roughest thing I do to my feet is dancing, does anyone have recommendations for that purpose? Mainly to avoid serious pain and foot/leg injuries from beating my feet up too much, next priority is endurance on the dance floor, general comfort is the last major concer. Be they sneakers, dress shoes, even boots, whatever will help most dancing in a rave/club type environment. Lots of fast leg movements and hard stomps and jumping around.

Oh, that budget is in US Dollars, and I live in CT but may travel to neighboring states for the shoes if I can combine that with another trip. Online *might* be an option, but I want to be able to try the shoes on, occasionally a company will measure sizes differently or somethign and I'll end up needing as much as a full size off my "official" shoe size for it to fit right, so any online purchase would need to allow for return in case of a mis-size.

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You know when you remember a book, the basic plot, and all that, and want to read it again, but forgot the title and author?

The book that's stuck in my head was about a girl whose mom died after she was born. There was a whole thing on magpies foreshadowing her death. She grew up and talked to two ghosts, an older lady and a girl. They stayed with her for most of her life, when she became a nurse, (I think) and changed some of the choices she would have made. That was the basic plot. I even remember what the covor looked like: It was of a woman floating in a woodsy-looking lake, with red (either flower petals, leaves, or fabric, I forget) around her. I can't remember the title, though, and it's driving me crazy! Can anyone help me?

Also, read any good books lately? I usually only read fantasy, and mostly young adult fantasy. (because it hasn't quite succumbed to the dozen-book-long-farmer-turned-king-who-will-save-the-world-from-evil plotline so many "adult" fantasies have) I really like stories that steatch the imagination, even if not actual fantasies (gotta love magic realism). Any recomendations?

Thanks a ton!

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Are futons a good idea? My parents said I can get a new bed. However I don't have a lot of room for a bigger bed. I currently have a single bed and it appears that market doesn't cater for anyone under the age of 12. But with a futon I'd been able to fold it away when I'm not using it.

Anyone got any comments on them?
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Do kitties have a sense of smell?

I am curious because my cat always insists on going into the bathroom when I'm in there. She'll paw and cry at the door til I open it. And even if I'm pooping and it smells wretched, she'll just come in and curl up in the sink purring like mad. And won't leave til I do. Silly cat.